Ballywood Kingdom

Ballywood is the kingdom of King Ham Burger of the Westblue.


  • Ham Burger and his kingdom seem to borrow heavily from the United States of America. Ham Burger’s appearance may have been inspired by Abraham Lincolnthe 16th President of the United States. He also bears a visual resemblance to Uncle SamIn this case, his star-patterned top hat is particularly striking. Uncle Sam is a national symbol in the United States and a widely used advertising figure. Ham Burger’s name is another reference, as hamburgers and other fast food are usually associated with the United States. Moreover, the name of its kingdom, Ballywood, seems to be based on Hollywood, Los Angeles. Also typical of the United States are the extremely liberal gun laws, and Ham Burger’s entourage also holds guns in Chapter 905, which thus fits just as well into the reference pattern of this king.

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