Baku Baku Factory

The Baku Baku Factory (jap. バクバク工場 (ファクトリー), Baku Baku Factory) or Wapol Corporation is Wapol’s toy company. Founded after he was defeated by Luffy and flung to a distant island. Sitting lonely under a bridge, he transformed all scrap metal into toys thanks to the power of his Devil Fruit. This pleased children so much that he soon set up his own little store. This soon developed into a large corporation and he was soon accepted into the club of rich bigwigs.

Even researchers studied his toys, because Wapol creates so-called Wapometall, a shape memory alloy, with his devil power. This is suitable for far more than toys, which is why even the World Nobles took notice of Wapol and granted him a new kingdom, Black Drum.


  • One of the items offered by the company, named Hippo Gentleman, was created by Dr. Hogback as a zombie for Perona (see Hippo Gentleman’).

Baku Baku in Japanese are sounds you make while eating, like smacking.

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