Backup Dancers of One Piece

Devilgirl and Peanuts Monkey, the Backup Dancers (jap. バックダンサー), are backup dancers who participate in Uta’s concert on Elegia.

This article contains information unique to One Piece Film Red (2022).


Devilgirl is a very slender woman with blonde hair that only peeks out at her forehead due to a huge, orange headdress with horns that only leaves her face open. Furthermore, much like Perona, she has heavily accentuated dark eyes. The lower half of her face is almost completely covered by a pink mouthguard. Over a black, long-sleeved shirt, she wears a vertically-striped yellow and pink dress with padded shoulders that only reaches her hips. She also wears purple shorts over black leggings as well as pink shoes. On her back you can also see a kind of devil’s tail, matching her name.

Peanuts Monkey is currently unknown if he is a mink, a human in costume, or just a humanoid monkey. He and Devilgirl are roughly the same height. Peanuts Monkey wears a green cap with a white front, sunglasses, and dark blue shoes. He also wears a peanut costume to match his name.

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