Baccarat of One Piece

Baccarat is Concierge on Gran Tesoro, the biggest entertainment city in the world. She is very elegant.

This article contains information unique to One Piece – Gold (2016).


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Baccarat is a pretty, thin and tall woman with long red hair. She has green eyes and Mikazuki shaped gold earrings. She wears a long black dress with a vertical white stripe down the side and low neckline and high leg slits on both sides.

This also shows off her purple tattoo on her left thigh; a snake running in a circle with a star in the middle. She has on high heeled black shoes to go with it. A blue sash is tied around her waist, fastened by a round buckle with a star symbol in the middle. Furthermore, she wears dark gloves and a gold bracelet around her neck. While driving she wore sunglasses, which she stuck into her neckline afterwards.

In battle, she wore gold armor made by Gild Tesoro, consisting of shoulder, forearm, chest, and leg and foot protection.


Baccarat has a very calm and confident personality, believing that because of her luck, nothing can happen to her. However, this overconfidence later led to her defeat by Usopp. She has a way with words and manipulating people, leading her to trick the Straw Hats into betting 320 million berries in a game without anyone realizing it was the amount of Zoro’s bounty. She remains loyal to Gild Tesoro and would do anything for him.

Skills and strengths

Baccarat is a swordswoman and is also considered by the other men of Gild Tesoro to be one of Gran Tesoro’s strongest fighters. Yet she trusts more in her devil powers and her resulting luck, rather than her fighting technique.

With a touch of her hand, she can drain luck from other people and add it to herself. This usually results in the people she steals luck from being unlucky, such as slipping on banana peels. Another example of this bad luck was shown with Sanji, who had a cigarette fall out of his mouth during an attack and set his clothes on fire, after which he lost concentration and slipped when he landed shortly after.

Once Baccarat has absorbed the luck of several people, attacks can hardly reach her, as she is always protected by lucky coincidences, such as allies passing by. She herself only needs to flip a coin to attack in this state to create a series of lucky coincidences for herself, resulting in her opponents being injured.
However, Usopp realized the weakness behind this and used a large slot machine as a projectile. Baccarat successfully deflected the projectile, but used up all her luck as the slot machine went off and she hit the jackpot. Shortly after, Usopp was able to defeat her with just one attack.


Baccarat fools Sanji

When the Straw Hats docked at Gran Tesoro, they were welcomed by Baccarat as VIP guests. Because of her high reputation, she offered them a personal escort to the center and then showed them a first-class hotel where they could spend the night.

Some impoverished children then appeared, offering flowers for sale to the pirates, but were scared away by Baccarat. She then took the straw hats to a casino and lent them 20,000,000 , which they also immediately invested profitably and were apparently kissed by luck, whereupon Baccarat offered to take them to the VIP lounge.

Higher stakes would be played there. Luffy played a game of dice, which he won again, before Tesoro greeted them personally and challenged them to a game. This one, however, Luffy was now losing; as it turned out, Baccarat was draining the Straw Hat Captain’s luck through her devil powers. To do this, she took off her gloves.

Afterwards, Tesoro demanded the money back and told the Straw Hats the truth about Gran Tesoro. As Sanji prepared to fight, Baccarat faked a foot injury, allowing her to touch the Cook as well and deprive him of his fortune. Eventually, Zoro was captured by Gild Tesoro and an ultimatum was given to the Straw Hats: they were to pay back the debt by midnight the next day or Zoro would be executed. The Straw Hats reluctantly agreed.

Baccarat vs Usopp, Chopper and Brook

However, the Straw Hats planned a big coup, which seemed to succeed. However, it turned out that they were being monitored and set up by Tesoro and his henchmen. It was revealed that – whenever promising guests arrive – they were merely playing a game and seeing who could make it closer to the vault.

This was revealed and shown in front of a huge audience, however, Carina, by now an ally of the Straw Hats, also knew this procedure. Aside from Luffy, everyone was in on the plan and ultimately it was the Straw Hats who fooled Tesoro, Baccarat and co. Instead of a Gold Splash, seawater was sprayed over Gran Tesoro, neutralizing the gold in his body that Gild Tesoro can control. As a result, the Gold Man went berserk, separating the Straw Hats, and several fights ensued.

Baccarat, Tanaka and Dice were given armor made of gold by Tesoro, in addition Baccarat was given a huge sword. She touched several insurgents, causing her luck to evaporate and a pillar to fall on her. Eventually, Usopp shot at her, but a luckless man rushed in between. With only her coin and her devil power, she faced off against several former prisoners, Brook, Chopper, and Usopp. Her luck didn’t seem to run out, however, causing the three of them to take a mighty beating.

Usopp ran away, but shot a bag from a distance and hit the coin, causing his next shot to hit her full on. As it turned out, Usopp shot a slot machine at the coin and Baccarat hit the jackpot with her luck, but gambled away all of her luck. Unwilling to accept this, she collapsed unconscious.


  • Its name comes from the card game of chance called Baccaratwhich you can play in casinos.

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