Baby 5 of One Piece

Baby 5 was a servant and assassin of Donquixote Doflamingo’s pirate gang. She was under the command of Pica’s spade unit. She has since become the wife of Sai and has thus left the Donquixote Pirates.


Baby 5 as a child

Baby 5 wears a classic black maid outfit in mini skirt format with a white apron which is decorated with lace. Her long, dark and wavy hair is adorned with a lace hairband that matches her dress style. She also wears a black mask. Strapped to her back are firearms and attached to her right hip is a Japanese samurai sword. In addition, Baby 5 appears to be a chain smoker like Sanji.


Baby 5 has a very emotional personality. On the one hand, she cried during her attack on Donquixote Doflamingo, but on the other hand, she usually falls in love very quickly with men who seem friendly or with whom she feels she is needed. For example, she has had eight fiancés, but they were all killed by Doflamingo, which is why she hates him. On the other hand, she also doesn’t seem to tolerate anyone threatening or insulting Doflamingo.

According to Buffalo, Baby 5 just can’t say “no,” which was quickly proven true when he asked her for two million berries. She wanted to give him the money immediately, even though she herself owed 98 million berry, which came from 50 newspaper subscriptions, money loans and shopping sprees. This obsession with being needed culminated in her wanting to kill herself for the love of Sai, to make his job easier and to be useful to him through her death.

Although Baby 5 is quite tough, even as a child Law managed to scare her repeatedly with just a look, causing her to go to Buffalo with tears in her eyes. 13 years later, Law still manages to do this.

Skills and strength

Baby 5 as a single weapon.

Baby 5 is a weapons expert, and is thus proficient in various ranged and melee weapons. Through her Devil Fruit, she is also able to transform different body parts or herself completely into different weapons, just as Wapol can do when he has assimilated the appropriate materials. Against General Franky’s armor, however, she was initially no match.

List of Attacks

  • Buki Morphosis


  • During the course of the plot, Baby 5 transformed into several more weapons, but did not name these attacks. For example, she turned her arm into a pistol when she attacked Donquixote Doflamingo, or attacked Sai with a leg transformed into a sword.


Baby 5 is left behind by her mother.

Baby 5 comes from a family of vagabonds. Since the family didn’t have much to eat and Baby 5 would supposedly consume too many supplies, they decided to abandon her in the mountains. Her own mother took her there and forbade her to return, as she was of no use to anyone. This experience made Baby 5 want to be useful to anyone, any way.
At the age of eight, Baby 5 joined the Donquixote Pirates along with Buffalo, which is where she got her name “Baby 5”. They were the only children who were undeterred by the violence within the gang. Some time later, in Northblue, in Spider Miles, Law also joined the pirate gang. During this time, Baby 5 and Buffalo Corazón liked to play tricks on Corazón or make fun of him when he had another mishap.

Ten years ago, at the age of 14, Baby 5, along with the other officers of the Pirates, helped take over the Palace of Dress Rosa when Mone opened the gates to it for them.


On Dress Pink

Baby 5 is threatening Doflamingo.

Baby 5 showed up on Dress Rosa while Doflamingo was talking to Vergo via Den-den Mushi about getting rid of Law. Baby 5 frantically attacked her captain and tried to kill him, but this hardly seemed to bother him as he paid no attention to her and dodged her every attack. The other members wanted her to calm down, but Baby 5 continued to attack until Flamingo used his devil powers to hold her down. Eventually, she was tasked along with Buffalo to pick up Vergo, Caesar, and Mone from Punk Hazard.

On the way to Punk Hazard

Baby 5 & Buffalo v. Franky.

Baby 5 flew to the island on Buffalo’s back and had a conversation with him. It turned out that Baby 5 was so angry at Flamingo because he had previously murdered her now eighth fiancé and destroyed his town. Buffalo downplayed this by saying that Doflamingo just cared about Baby 5 like she was his little sister. When they reached the island, they saw Caesar just slammed into a ship. Doflamingo was immediately informed and wanted them to take him away. When they then went to get him, they encountered Franky, who attacked them without warning. A fight ensued, with Baby 5 and Buffalo’s attacks being no match for the steely body of Franky’s robot. Franky won the fight easily, so the two quickly tried to take Caesar and escape. However, they were stopped by the added straw hats Nami and Usopp, who knocked them out of the sky with their attacks.

Rescue by Doflamingo

Mission failed.

The two were captured by the Navy, however Law, using his devil powers, severed their heads and placed them on a raft. The raft was later found by Doflamingo, who was on his own way to Punk Hazard after losing contact with both of them. In the process, both witnessed Law’s ultimatum to Doflamingo to give up his post as Samurai of the Seas if he wanted Caesar back. Baby 5 then warned Law against ever entering Dress Rosa again.
Doflamingo traveled on to Punk Hazard with the heads of his crew members to reunite them with their bodies and free them from the Navy, which he was able to do. After a small altercation with Smoker and Kuzan, Doflamingo, Baby 5, and Buffalo then retreated to Dress Rosa. Once there, Baby 5 was told to look for Trébol, as he possessed something Doflamingo needed. After a short search, she found him and sent him to Doflamingo.

Dress Rosa – Attack on the Castle

Baby 5 is later seen talking to Gladius about Viola’s betrayal. Later, she was present in the castle with Buffalo when Doflamingo interrogated Law. She slapped Law a few times to get him to answer Doflamingo, until he scowled at her, at which point she backed away, frightened. When Kyros suddenly appeared and apparently decapitated Doflamingo, Baby 5 was startled. Kyros used this moment to defeat Buffalo and then free King Riku, while Luffy and Viola tried to free Law.
However, as it turned out, it was a fake Doflamingo or thread double that was decapitated. After the intruders were thrown out of the castle, Pica moved the castle to Flower Hill, where the pirate gang discussed what to do next. When a newcomer laughed at Pica’s voice in the process, Baby 5 shot him before Pica could get angry.

Attack of the Gladiator Alliance

The Donquixote Pirates await their opponents

Later, Baby 5, along with Dellinger, Lao G, Machvise, and Gladius, were guarding Level 2 of the new Royal Palace, and saw from a distance how Luffy had joined forces with the former participants of the tournament in the Corrida Colosseum to fight them. Since the normal troops didn’t stand a chance against this alliance, the officers fought the former gladiators as they tried to advance to the third level. They attacked Dagama in the process.

However, when the latter was defeated by Dellinger, she turned her attention to Sai. However, in the fight, she misinterpreted his comments as romantic sayings and declarations of love. Baby 5 then fell in love with Sai and vowed to do anything for him. Sai, in turn, believed this was a ruse by his opponent and said that he needed to defeat as many officers of the Donquixote Pirates as possible to pay his debt to the Straw Hat.

Sai protects babe 5

Baby 5 shortly after turned her hand into a gun, pointed it at her head and was ready to kill herself to be useful to him by doing so, which shocked Sai as he didn’t want to win that way. Sai tried to stop her, which brought the wrath of his grandfather, who believed it was a shame to help an opponent, who then attacked both Sai and Baby 5. However, Sai repelled the attack, thus protecting Baby 5 and preventing her from committing suicide. Baby 5 was then sad that she had not been useful once again.

When Lao G then attacked Sai and declared that everything here would belong to his young master, Sai then declared that he would marry Baby 5 once he won this fight. With just one kick, he then defeated Lao G. Baby 5 in turn gave up the fight, having now finally fallen in love with Sai.

The stories of the self-proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet

Baby 5 accompanied Sai along with the Happo Navy on their way to his homeland. Once there, Sai spoke to his former fiancée and broke off the engagement, whereupon she angrily beat him up. His body still completely wrapped in bandages, however, he subsequently married Baby 5, which brought great joy to all present.


  • Her favorite dish is baby castella.

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