Babanuki of One Piece

Babanuki is a star of the Beasts Pirates and head of the prisoner mines on Wano Country.


Babanuki is a huge and muscular man with long dark hair and a beard. He wears dark gloves and dotted metal protectors on his upper arms. He also wears a large belt with a round buckle around his hips and dark pants. His appearance is particularly marked by the consumption of a Smile devil fruit, so he grew a huge elephant head from his belly and two horns on his head.


Babanuki is a very intelligent and calm man despite his barbaric appearance. He manages to keep a cool head despite chaotic situations. Which speaks for his abilities as a prison warden. For example, he calmly told Queen about three major offenses in the prison, which in turn upset Queen. Even during Luffy’s turmoil, Babanuki remained calm, thought for a moment, and then had the other prisoners detain Luffy again for him. Upon Big Mom’s arrival, he warned his boss and correctly assessed the situation.

Skills and strength

Babanuki has eaten from an elephant smile, causing him to grow an elephant head on his chest. A powerful technique of his is to suck in air in his trunk and hurl the compressed air at his opponent. As a star within the Kaiser Gang, as well as the head of the prison, he enjoys a very high level of authority.

He can perform the following attacks:

Elephant Hakkushon

Erefanto Hakkushon in english Elephant Nasal Breathing is an attack by Babanuki. He fires an explosive charge in the form of a sneeze from his trunk at his opponent.


Three to four years ago, Babanuki was already a member of the Beasts Pirates. While Kaidou and the high-ranking members were on expedition, Babanuki was stationed on Onigashima with Poker and others. Shocked, he watched as Ace appeared with his gang and eventually damaged the dragon statue. At that time, he had not yet consumed Smile.


The prisoner mines

Babanuki was tamed by Tama

Babanuki watched as Daifugo tried to gain information from Hyogoro about who had given him the food stamps, thus subverting their system. When Daifugo failed to get any information, he tried to kill the old man, whereupon Luffy stopped him and defeated him with just one kick. Babanuki could not stand by and watch this happen, and then attacked Luffy. Shortly after, however, Queen surprised him with a visit. When Queen asked him about the current situation in the prison, Babanuki had to confess that Eustass Kid had escaped, the Sea Stone Handcuff Keys had been stolen and Luffy had just attempted to escape as well. However, the latter was stopped.

Later, he watched Luffy’s wrestling matches at Queen’s side, and afterwards told him about Kamazo and Eustass Kid’s arrest and arrival in Udon. But then when Big Mom suddenly appeared, he advised his boss not to mess with her when it comes to food. After that, he also told his men not to provoke her and waited for Kaidou’s reaction but learned that no communication was possible. However, Queen still had an idea and so Babanuki witnessed how he could shut her down. Afterwards, Queen had Big Mom put in sea stone chains and left everything else in Udon to Babanuki.

Luffy defeats Babanuki

At first, he managed to get the situation under control by ordering the prisoners to take care of Luffy. He took advantage of their fear and was able to get them to act, but Kawamatsu was freed from his cell by the commotion and joined in the fight. Babanuki reacted again and had his men shoot Excite bullets at the prisoners, dehydrating them.

When Luffy finally managed to motivate and rally the other inmates to his cause, Babanuki himself intervened and tried to end it with an Excite shot from his trunk. However, the straw hat knotted the trunk, causing Babanuki to get the full charge himself. Eventually, Luffy was able to take Udon and, through Tama’s devil powers, “tame” the leader Babanuki, causing him to report to Queen that everything was going smoothly in Udon and the troublemakers were recaptured. However, with the appearance of Eustass Kid on Onigashima, Queen realized that this information was not correct and cursed Babanuki.


  • Its name comes from the Japanese card game “Babanuki”. This is the Japanese variant of the Black Peter (card game)
  • Like many other One Piece characters, Babanuki has his own special laugh. In his case, it’s “Pao, Pao, Pa, Pa, Pa.”

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