Aunt of One Piece

Aunt runs an orphanage in Water 7.

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.
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Aunt has orange hair, some of which she wears up. Her stature is strongly built and she wears a yellow top with pink flowers on it. Furthermore, she wears black pants and some sort of mini skirt. Her arms are adorned by two turquoise bangles. Her overall appearance immediately suggests a caring, yet strict mother.


She basically has a good heart, as she opened an orphanage and takes in children there. However, she can also be very strict with the children, which can be seen in Michael and Hoichael. She also reacts very angrily when someone says they are not related. To her, the point is to stick together as a family.

Skills and strengths

She’s incredibly strong.
Who the hell is this woman?
-Zoro on Aunt.

Aunt fights with two carpet beaters. She uses them to deal blows, but she can also perform attacks with them, such as the Bang-Bang Tornado. However, she doesn’t stand a chance against Mikazuki. Physically, she also seems to be very fit, because when she is thrown away by Zoro’s counterattack, she performs a flick flack to catch herself.

Bang Bang Tornado

Bang-bang tornado is an attack by Aunt.

Here, Aunt spins in a circle at high speed and then gets closer and closer to the opponent. Since she does this with her great strength and carpet beaters, it must be a very strong attack. However, the attack was of no use against Zoro and Mikazuki.


Aunt fights Mikazuki

When Zoro snapped because Michael and Hoichael were annoying him, Aunt suddenly appeared behind him and attacked him with her carpet beaters. Michael and Hoichael intervened, explaining that it was all their fault. Shortly after, the other children of the orphanage showed up. Aunt had accepted Zoro as a charge by now, and told him to come along as there was chores to be done. Zoro reluctantly went along. At the orphanage, when Aunt observed him giving a bottle to one of the babies and the baby peeing on his shirt as a result, she gave him a new one with her face on it and “MAMA” written underneath.

Later, a bill collector complete with escort was at the door demanding money from Aunt. She had borrowed money but had already paid it back. When she mentioned this, her counterpart said that she also had to pay off the interest and compound interest. The bill collector then also said that all she had to do was make the children work for her and she would be swimming in money. Aunt snapped when he added that they weren’t really a family at all, and attacked him with her carpet beaters. The other two pulled out guns, but Zoro intervened and drove the loan sharks away.

They then all went shopping. Zoro said goodbye to Aunt there, as he was tired of lingering in their family. Shortly after, Aunt was again surrounded by the loan sharks, only this time there were more of them. She and the children were dragged by them onto an archway with water running underneath. The bandits had hired Mikazuki to force the money with his help. They were all just being threatened by the bill collectors when Zoro showed up and saved the family. Eventually, Zoro said goodbye to them for good, as he mentioned to Aunt that he already had a family of his own after all.


  • The orphans she takes care of are named Kyoko, Yuya, Show, Ayako, Akihiro, Michael, and Hoichael. She also takes care of another three babies. That makes a total of ten children.

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