Atmos of One Piece

Atmos, also known as Water Buffalo, is the commander of the 13th Division of Yonkou Whitebeard’s pirate gang.


Atmos 30 years ago

Atmos is a tall, fat man. He has long hair that reaches down to his back. He also wears a long beard and a helmet with two pointed horns. His lower two canines always protrude slightly from his mouth. On his upper arms he wears the sign of the Whitebeard gang. His appearance is generally very reminiscent of that of a Viking.


Atmos, like many members of the Whitebeard gang, has an honorable character. To save the life of his “father” Whitebeard or another comrade, he would even risk his own life. This was clearly seen when Donquixote Doflamingo took him under his control and had his allies attack. Atmos then gave orders to his men to stay away from him and begged Doflamingo to stop.

Skills & Strength

Due to his position as the commander of the 13th Division of the Whitebeard Gang, Atmos must have some strength. He himself fights with two swords, which he obviously knows well. With these he is able to put several pirates out of action with one blow.


Thirty years ago, Atmos was already a member of the Whitebeard pirate gang and also met Kozuki Oden when they were stranded on Wano Country. Although Oden attacked their captain, he was eventually able to prove himself worthy after they left and boarded the Moby Dick with his entourage consisting of Nekomamushi, Inuarashi, Izou, and Toki. Together they experienced many adventures, as well as the birth of Oden’s two children, Momonosuke and Hiyori. They finally met the Roger pirate gang 26 years ago and a three-day battle broke out, ending in a draw. Eventually, they celebrated together and Gol D. Roger was able to convince Oden to go with him on his final voyage, which is why they said their goodbyes.


The battle in Marine Ford

During the attack by Whitebeard’s alliance on Marine Ford, Atmos was also present. After Admiral Aokiji froze the bay, he – along with the other commanders – was at the head of the onrushing Whitebeard pirates.

Later in the fight, he tangled with Donquixote Doflamingo. After Little Oars Jr. was defeated by the Samurai of the Seas, Atmos sarcastically commented to Doflamingo that his action was really very funny. Flamingo then took control of Atmos and forced him to fight his own people. The commander then ordered his men to retreat. At the same time, he begged the Samurai of the Seas for mercy.

Doflamingo makes Atmos fight his allies

He later reunited with the captains and commanders as Little Oars Jr. threw the black Moby Dick over the Navy siege wall with his last ounce of strength. Together they prepared for the final battle to rescue Portgas D. Ace. With other commanders of the Whitebeard gang and Jinbe, Atmos attempted to protect his captain Whitebeard from further naval attack.

Later, after Ace was rescued by Luffy, he watched in amazement at what a strong team the two made. While Ace was then gored by Admiral Akainu, Atmos could only watch in horror.

The Whitebeard pirates face Akainu

When Whitebeard died at the hands of Blackbeard, Atmos was in tears. But he had no choice but to retreat with the rest of the gang, carrying out their captain’s last order. In doing so, they protected Luffy from Akainu so that he could escape on Trafalgar Law’s submarine. Afterwards, the was declared over by the appearance of Shanks by mutual agreement.

Later, Atmos attended Whitebeard and Ace’s funeral on an unknown island.

The war of retaliation

A year after the events on Marine Ford, a retaliatory war broke out between the remaining Whitebeard pirates, led by Marco, and the Blackbeard pirate gang, but the Whitebeard pirates were heavily outnumbered. Atmos’ status or whereabouts have not been known since.

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