Asuka Island

Asuka is an island on the Grand Line, most famous for the Seven Stars Sword.

This article contains information unique to One Piece – The Curse of the Sacred Sword (2004).


As a summer island, Asuka hosts plenty of sunshine and has beautiful forest and mountain scenery to offer. Along with more modern buildings like the Marine Dojo, however, there are still ruins and intact buildings – such as the Sacred Towers – from the previous culture. From them also comes the tunnel system through the island, which connects the towers and is peppered with many traps.


There are mainly three different populations on the island that don’t have much to do with each other. On the one hand, the modern civilians at the harbor. They run small restaurants and stores for people passing by. The Marine dojo with the sword fighting marines seems to keep some order on the island and is primarily a training camp for the navy. Lastly, the natives reside on the island. They live in wooden dwellings and relatively modestly, use swords and spears as weapons instead of guns, and have a peaceful togetherness. The people are also very devout and worship their god Asuka, while also having a shaman, Izaya.


The legend

War has broken out between the brothers.

Legend has it that once upon a time, on the night of the red moon, three kings fell in love with a priestess. They brought her the sword, which was proof of her being a king. Eventually, a fight broke out between the brothers, which also spread to their armies. The Seven Stars Sword had absorbed the blood of numerous people and only brought death and destruction, making it the cursed sword. Since the sword had already claimed so many victims, the priestess began committing suicide, hoping that it would stop. The kings, wanting the priestess’ sacrifice to not have been in vain, prayed to their god Asuka, who gave them three crystal orbs. These would weaken the power of the sword on the night of the red moon.

Saga and the Seven Stars Sword

Saga seizes the cursed sword.

A few years ago, pirates raided the island and attacked the village. Saga and Maya took refuge in the temple. In a last attempt to protect his girlfriend, he was struck down by the pirates. In a coffin lay the cursed Seven Stars Sword. Wanting to protect Maya at all costs, Saga seized it. At the same moment, it took control of the swordsman. After striking down the pirates, he became the leader of a naval dojo on the island through unknown connections. From there he now tried to restore the sword to its full power.

Fight against Saga

Attack on the village.

When the Straw Hat Pirates was resting on the island, Zoro met Boo Kong and Bismarck, who led him to the Marine dojo. There the swordsman met his old friend Saga. Saga asked his old friend to help him with something. Zoro agreed that he would help him. Meanwhile, the rest of the Straw Hats got to know the inhabitants of the native village. Shortly after, the village was attacked by the navy and Zoro, who had apparently cooperated with those, grabbed the three bullets Maya had on her.

A fight even ensued between Zoro and Sanji because of this; the latter had to admit defeat. Luffy and Usopp, who were not present during the attack, eventually discovered the Marine dojo. They spoke to Toma, who seemed sympathetic. Saga showed up and ordered Toma to attack the two, which eventually happened. Then Saga himself took over and drew his cursed sword. Luffy struggled mightily against his opponent and was thrown off the cliff along with Usopp.

The two landed in a tunnel where Luffy found three strange orbs. A tidal wave washed him and Usopp back down to earth in the exact spot where Nami, Robin, Chopper, Sanji, Maya, and Izaya were currently. All of them had just been enlightened by Robin about the legend of the Seven Stars Sword. The sword and saga can only be stopped if they would bring the three orbs to the towers, Izaya said. Luffy brought those out and asked if that was what they were dealing with. They were going to try, so Nami set off with Chopper, Usopp with Robin, and Sanji with the strongest villager, Lacos. Luffy meanwhile took Izaya and Maya to the ruins, where Maya was to pray in traditional garb while the orbs were at their destinations. After a few injured marines and the defeated Boo Kong and Bismarck, they were.

Zoro defeats Saga and breaks the curse.

Maya managed to shield the red moon that gave power to the Seven Stars Sword for a short time. Saga, who was already fighting Zoro, noticed this and stopped Maya. Luffy intervened and broke Saga’s sword. But the evil wasn’t over yet, as the sword’s energy was eventually transferred to Saga himself. Zoro showed up with two swords and gave one of them to Saga. Zoro won the fight, and a wound in his chest broke the curse that had been on Saga. Peace returned to the island and the Straw Hats bid them farewell.


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