Arlong of One Piece

Arlong, the saw shark belongs to the race of fish people. On Conomi in the East Blue, he bullied the local residents and forced Nami to draw sea charts for his gang. He is currently imprisoned by the navy.


Arlong belongs to the species of fish people, more specifically the Sawshark. He is relatively large and has a muscular body, long black hair, and a shark fin protruding from his neck. He also possesses dagger-like teeth, webbed feet, and gills. On his head, he wears a brown Ushanka.

Arlong also wears a yellow Hawaiian shirt with black spots, which is always open, along with black shorts and sandals. He has two tattoos adorning his body: On his left chest, the “sun tattoo” of the fish people, and on his left upper arm, the sign of the Arlong gang. His most noticeable feature is his long “saw nose”, which is responsible for his nickname.


Arlong’s enraged look resembles that of a sea monster.

The Sawshark Fishman, as well as the rest of the Arlong gang, are, according to Nojiko, racists who consider humans to be primates and thus, as a primitive race, subservient to the Fishmen and meant to serve them. Therefore, Arlong possesses a great hatred for humans and lets everyone feel it. To him, the fish people are the crowning glory of creation and everything else is inferior. He usually acts very arrogant and violent to intimidate the people on Conomi.

He was also the one who killed Bell-mère in front of the villagers because she could only pay the protection money for Nami and Nojiko. Thus, for herself, she could not raise the required tribute. However, he is very loyal to his crew members and always tries to protect them. Arlong doesn’t let anyone order him or tell him anything.

Skills and strength

The saw sword Kiribachi

Arlong possesses what is known as“fish power“. This means that his physical powers are greatly increased. Arlong’s saw sword Kiribachi is one of the weapons that hung on a wall in Arlong Park’s armory. It is deadly sharp, large, and weighs about 750 kilograms. However, this weight is not a problem for Arlong, who is a strong opponent as he can fight on land and even better underwater. His teeth are also indestructible. If someone knocks them out, he simply lets them grow back. The more they grow back, the sharper they become. Even his nose is a weapon. He proudly presented to all present that his nose was indestructible. But Luffy bent it with just one hand during the fight.

Known Attacks

  • Tooth Gum
  • Shark On Darts
  • Shark On Tooth
  • Kiribachi


Childhood & Youth

Just like Hatchan, Kiss, and Hatchan, Arlong always wished as a child to be able to visit Sabaody Park and be a part of the human world, but this was not possible due to racism towards fish people. This was most likely why the Fish Man based his Arlong Park on Sabaody Park in design and name. Arlong’s father left him one day. Since Arlong was very young at the time, he can’t remember his parents’ faces. Arlong thus grew up an orphan, on the streets of the Fishmen’s District. When he was about 15 years old, he met a man who declared that he was his father. Arlong’s father introduced him to his half-sister, Shyarly. Shyarly and Arlong have the same father, but different mothers.

There were many outlaws and orphans in the Fishmen’s District, including Arlong and Jinbe. The two met Fisher Tiger one day, who took care of them like a big brother and brought order to the Fishmen’s District. After Fisher Tiger left for adventures a few years later, Arlong, by now a young adult, formed the Arlong Pirates and was always making attacks on human pirates or blackmailing some people on the island for protection money. He also often told young Hody Jones that fish people were a chosen people who should rule over all others.

The Sun Pirates

Arlong is under Fisher Tiger

Years later, when Fisher Tiger returned and was heard to have freed all the slaves on Mary Geoise, making him a wanted criminal, he was joined by Arlong and his gang, as well as Jinbe and several other fish people, whereupon the Sun Pirates was formed.

During their time together at sea, Fisher Tiger had to admonish Arlong several times not to kill people. When Fisher Tiger was trapped and mortally wounded on Marine Foolshout, he told his gang on his deathbed what had really happened to him on Mary Geoise. However, he did not want anyone else to know.

Like everyone else, Arlong shed many tears over the loss of his “big brother.” After Fisher Tiger’s death, Arlong wanted to take revenge on the humans, but was defeated by, then Vice Admiral, Borsalino. The latter interrogated him at Naval Base G2. Arlong testified that Fisher Tiger died because humans would not donate their blood to him for a vital transfusion. While this was not true, Arlong promised Tiger not to tell anyone the truth. Later, Arlong was locked up in Impel Down, where he was to serve a sentence.

The gang splits

After Jinbe took the position of captain of the Sun Pirates and rose to become one of the Seven Samurai, Arlong was freed in return. Jinbe picked him up from Impel Down, however it was not a joyous reunion. With Tiger now long dead, Arlong wanted to separate from the gang again, even if he would have been safe from the Navy with Jinbe. Arlong felt that Jinbe was too weak, and also couldn’t believe that the latter was working as a samurai for humans.

Because of this, the gang split into several different groups, which included the Macro Gang as well as Arlong’s gang, the latter of which Arlong invited Hyouzou and Vander Decken to join, but they both declined for various reasons. Likewise, Arlong’s gang impressed the then-young, later members of the New Fishmen Pirates with their hatred of humans. Later, Jinbe released the pirates on the East Blue. He further agreed to personally intervene if Arlong’s gang caused any harm in the East Blue.

The tyranny in coconut begins

Arlong shoots Bell-mère

Eight years before the Straw Hats arrived, Arlong and his gang raided Conomi Island in the East Blue and set up his headquarters there, Arlong Park. The villagers could not defend themselves and suffered greatly under Arlong’s tyranny. For they had to pay him 100,000 berry for each adult and 50,000 berry for each child so that the Arlong gang would spare the lives of the villagers. Through an unfortunate circumstance, the pirate gang also made their way to Bell-mère’s house, Nami and Nojiko’s home. Since Bell-mère only had a total of 100,000 berry, she used it to protect her two adopted daughters and sacrificed herself for them. She was killed by Arlong.

Later, Arlong made a pact with Navy Captain Nezumi after the fish-man paid him monthly money to be left alone by the naval base on Conomi Island. Furthermore, Captain Nezumi made sure that no information about Arlong’s terror reached the navy headquarters, which also meant that Jinbe and the rest from Arlong’s home were never informed of his crimes.


Meeting with Zoro

Arlong hands over money to rat

After Arlong sent the monthly bribe to Captain Rat of the 16th Marine Unit, Zoro was later brought to Arlong Park. The latter insulted Arlong, to which the latter said that fish people were above normal people. Nami interjected with the comment that she had enough of that speech. Zoro, who considered Nami a nakama, was surprised that she was part of the Arlong gang. Nami still confirmed this and after a short conversation, she told him to leave again. At that, the bound Zoro jumped into the water behind him. Everyone was astonished at this act, for he could not swim with his arms and legs bound together. Nami jumped in after him, despite Arlong’s request to refrain from doing so. She pulled Zoro out of the water, who said to her with a smile, so she wouldn’t let a human die in front of her after all, just as Arlong had said. Shortly after, a fish-man from Arlong’s crew came to report that a guy with a long nose had gotten away from him. Arlong suspected him to be in Kokos and decided to pay a visit to the village.

Visit to coconut

Arlong’s got Genzo in his sights for weapons possession.

When he met Genzo, he accused him of walking around with a sword, which was forbidden. This could be the first sign of rebellion. The destroyed Goza should be considered a warning if a village wanted to revolt. Arlong grabbed Genzo with the intention of killing him. Nojiko, who had been watching the action along with Usopp, rushed to the scene and tried to stop Arlong. But Arlong did not listen to her words and was about to strike a death blow at Genzo, who was ready to sacrifice himself for the village, when the tyrant was hit by Usopp’s fireball. Enraged by this, he ripped out the house Usopp was standing on the roof of and hurled it away. Usopp survived, however, he was hunted down by Arlong’s men after Arlong’s order.

The True Pact – Nami’s Call for Help

Arlong reveals his devious intentions to Nami

When Arlong returned to Arlong Park, he found that some of his fish people had been defeated there. A severely wounded man reported Roronoa Zoro. Usopp was also present, Kiss had him in his power. He was threatened by Arlong and then apparently stabbed by Nami. She then reminded Arlong of the deal whereby she could ransom the village with 100,000,000.

Rear Admiral Pudding Pudding arrived at Conomi Island and Arlong ordered to negotiate with him. However, after the naval ship fired a cannonball at Arlong Park, which was asked by Arlong, he ordered his three commanders to sink the ship, which they did. Later, Nami stormed into Arlong Park. She accused Arlong of breaking his promise, since Rat had stolen her money for Kokos. Laughing, Arlong shook his head, saying he had kept his pact. Desperate, Nami went to the village to ask Luffy and his gang for help.

The final battle – Luffy vs Arlong

Arlong was defeated by Luffy

Luffy and his gang entered Arlong Park to take revenge on the fish man for Nami. Luffy first defeated Arlong’s Moo Cow and his gang until only Arlong and his commanders Hatchan, Kiss and Hatchan were left. Zoro took on Hatchan, Sanji Blackbelt, and Usopp Kiss. Luffy, meanwhile, took care of Arlong. With Luffy’s many attacks, Arlong was now really angry and grabbed his head, flinging Luffy through the air like a lasso and throwing him against a wall.

The fish-man, still beside himself with rage, ran at Luffy, who dodged, and reached through the wall of the main building for his saw-sword and began cornering Luffy until they reached Nami’s room upstairs. There the fight paused for a moment. Luffy wanted to know what those cards meant. Arlong mentioned that these maps were special nautical maps that Nami had to draw for him over the past eight years. He referred to himself and Nami as “mates.”

But Luffy didn’t see it that way, since Nami was the navigator from his gang. He discovered a bloody quill that Nami had used to draw the maps. When Luffy finally boiled with rage because of Arlong’s cruel behavior towards Nami, he broke a prong of the saw sword Arlong had pointed at him. He also trashed the map room and broke Arlong’s nose. Arlong straightened his nose and was about to finish his opponent off for good with Shark On Tooth, but Luffy was able to save himself at the last second with a Gomu Gomu no Ono, hitting Arlong with his widely extended leg and kicking him through all the floors of Arlong Park. Arlong was consequently defeated and the tyranny came to an end. Arlong and his gang were then captured by the Navy.

Arlong’s Will

Two years after Arlong’s defeat, the New Fishmen pirate gang led by Hody Jones conquered Fishmen Island with plans to subjugate humanity. In doing so, they acted in Arlong’s will, whose goals had greatly impressed them as children. Coincidentally, the Straw Hats were on the island at the same time.


  • Like many opposing characters in One Piece, Arlong has a distinctive laugh. His begins with a “Sha” followed by a series of “ha’s”: so Shahahaha…
  • Arlong’s Ushanka cost 100,000 berry. (One Piece 10th Treasures – How much Berry!?)
  • After Luffy won the battle against Arlong, he received his own first bounty of 30 million berries.
  • With Arlong Park, Arlong seems to have built its own version of Sabaody Park.
  • Arlong’s favorite food is grilled meat.

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