Arlong Pirates

The Arlong Pirates originally came from Fishmen Island and thus consists solely of Fishmen.

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When exactly Arlong started his pirate gang is unknown. However, at the age of 25, he and his crew joined the Sun Pirates founded by Fisher Tiger, and the Arlong Pirates was disbanded. Under Fisher Tiger’s leadership, he stood side by side with Jinbe for a long time. From the beginning, Arlong tried to act far more radically against the human race than Fisher Tiger would have wanted, so conflicts within the team arose again and again. After Fisher Tiger’s death, Jinbe took over leadership of the Sun Pirates and was soon named Samurai of the Seas. Arlong refused to remain part of the Sun Pirates under Jinbe’s effeminate leadership, and so, accompanied by several members of the Sun Pirates, set out to leave the Grand Line as captain of his old, revived gang.


Thus, eight years before the plot begins, the Arlong gang came to the East Blue and set up their headquarters, Arlong Park, on a small island called Conomi. They immediately claimed all the property of the islanders and demanded an additional 100,000 from each adult and 50,000 from each child. Those who could not raise this sum were killed in cold blood. Thus Bell-mère, only able to pay the protection money for her two foster children, lost her life. Her foster child Nami was kidnapped by the gang because of her talent for drawing perfect nautical charts and was banished to draw nautical charts of all the waters she knew.

To save the village, Nami soon made a deal with Arlong: If she managed to save up 100 million berries, she could buy the island and thus its inhabitants free, but until then she was obliged to draw sea charts daily as a member of the gang. So Nami spent eight years of her life under Arlong’s instructions, always anxious to accumulate money to redeem the island’s inhabitants from the tyrant Arlong.

After eight years, Luffy befriended Nami by chance and immediately tried to recruit her for his gang. When the Straw Hat Pirates learned of Nami’s fate, they decided to free Nami and the island of Conomi. In a fierce battle, they managed to defeat Arlong and his followers and finally recruit Nami for the Straw Hat Pirates.

After being defeated by the Straw Hat Pirates, the Arlong Pirates was arrested by the Navy. The Arlong Pirates commander Hatchan later managed to escape, while the remaining gang members remain imprisoned.

Known members

Commander:Namino bounty at the time
Party Organization:TakeUnknown
Party Organization:ShioyakiUnknown


  • Arlong Park was built by the gang in the style of Sabaody Park in the Sabaody Archipelago.
  • Many members of the New Fishmen pirate gang (e.g. Hammond and Hody Jones) possess the Arlong Pirates tattoo out of respect for Arlong.

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