Arlong Park Arc


While Luffy, Yosaku and Sanji are just making their way to Arlong Park, Zoro, Johnny and Usopp have already arrived there to retrieve Nami and the Going Merry. While Johnny and Usopp are able to escape, Zoro is captured by the Fish-Men and learns from Nami that she is part of Arlong’s pirate gang and was merely trying to rob the Straw Hat Pirates. However, Nami later frees Zoro, gives him his sword, and tells him to leave and never come back.

Meanwhile, Usopp meets Nami’s stepsister Nojiko, who tells him about the fish people’s strong superiority to humans. Moreover, when Usopp stands in the way of Arlong – the leader of the fish people – to help Genzo, the mayor of the city of Kokos, Usopp gets a small demonstration of Arlong’s strength. Meanwhile, while the latter is in Kokos with the strong members of his gang, Zoro defeats the fish people in Arlong Park without much trouble. He then has the gang member Hatchan take him to Kokos. Meanwhile, Usopp is captured by the Fish-Men and, in his attempt to escape, is apparently stabbed by Nami and thrown into the water.

Meanwhile, Luffy, Sanji and Yosaku arrive on the island, meet Zoro and learn from Johnny that Nami killed Usopp. Nami then shows up and tells those present that they were never friends and that they should get off the island, as Arlong himself is far too strong for them. After Nami leaves, Usopp shows up first, telling them that Nami only meant to make it look like she was stabbing him, but actually stabbed herself in the hand with the dagger. When Nojiko runs into the pirates, she explains the reason for Nami’s behavior to Luffy’s gang: Eight years ago, Arlong and his gang raided the island and decreed that all residents must pay him tribute every month. He killed Nami’s and Nojiko’s stepmother Bell-mère because she couldn’t pay the tribute, and he made Nami an offer to buy the village of Kokos from him for 100 million berries. The condition, however, is that Nami draw sea charts for Arlong for that long. After Nojiko tells this story, the navy led by Captain Rat shows up at Nami’s house and demands that she hand over the 93 million berry money she has collected so far. During the conversation, it turns out that Arlong informed Captain Rat about the money.

Desperate, Nami asks Luffy for help. Luffy says that he will of course help her and sets off with Zoro, Sanji and Usopp to Arlong Park. There, Luffy first defeats Moo Cow, Arlong’s pet, and is then thrown into the water by Arlong with a large rock attached to his feet. While Nojiko and Genzo take care of Luffy, the fight continues on land. Zoro manages to defeat Hatchan. Sanji takes out Hatchan shortly after. Usopp also manages to defeat Kiss with a trick. Afterwards, Sanji frees Luffy, who defeats Arlong in the following fight. In the process, Arlong Park is also destroyed, freeing the island from Arlong’s tyranny. The victory over Arlong is celebrated and Nami finally joins Luffy’s gang.

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