Arbell of One Piece

Arbell is the only daughter of Don Accino. She is the wife of Salchow and the mother of Lil.

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.


Arbell is a pretty, young and slender woman with shoulder-length purple hair that she has pinned up. She wears earrings and a necklace with the sign of the Accino Family. Around her neck she wears a red ribbon. She also has on a red fur-lined jacket with long sleeves and a turquoise skirt. For fighting she uses her skates.

Personality & Strength

Arbell is Lil’s mother and should therefore take care of her daughter, but she only has eyes for her husband Salchow. So she neglects her daughter and only fancies Salchow, which can be seen in her many kisses, which makes Sanji visibly jealous. In the end, however, Arbell realizes that she has neglected Lil and wants to make it up to her. In battle, Arbell teams up with Salchow as a skating duo, and they put their opponents in a lot of trouble with their many spins and aerial jumps, including Usopp and Sanji, with whom they had to compete.

The skating duo: Arbell and Salchow

Arbell is the daughter of Don Accino. She forms a skating duo with her husband Salchow.

Here are the attacks of the two:

  • Jump and Kick
  • Love Throw
  • Love Swing
  • High Jump Dai Kaiten Ultra Love Throw


Fight against the pirates

The skating duo tirelessly draws circles in the ice.

After Sanji and Usopp were thrown from the Sunny and had to flee from a flock of aggressive penguins, they ended up in a large ice cave where they encountered Salchow and Arbell. After Arbell had firmly repelled all advances on Sanji’s part, the couple faced the two pirates for a fight. During this very battle, Usopp was able to hit Salchow a few times with his projectiles and Sanji was able to land a few hits as well, however, the two bounty hunters were able to claim victory as Sanji kept trying to flirt with Arbell. Thus, he was attacked a few times with quick aerial leaps. Eventually, Arbell and Salchow milled circles around Sanji and Usopp in the ice. Thus, the straw hats fell through the broken ice into the freezing water and were put through the wringer by the penguins. They were then fished out of the water by Arbell and Salchow. Undercooled and drained, the two were unable to fight and had lost. The bounty hunters eventually took the two to a cave with high and thick ice walls.

Nami vs Arbell

Nami confronts Arbell in Sanji’s place.

After the Straw Hat Pirates broke free, Sanji wanted revenge on Salchow and Arbell. But since he just couldn’t manage to harm a hair on Arbell’s head and Franky was already fighting Hockera, Nami faced Arbell. The fight was over more than quickly, however, as Nami only had to use one lightning bolt, Thunder Tempo, to defeat her. Arbell had simply underestimated Nami.

Defeat all along the line

After Don Accino also lost to Luffy and the ice road was melted by an underwater volcano, Salchow wanted to scold Lil on a ship for helping the Straw Hat Pirates. However, he was stopped from doing so by Arbell.


  • She fancies her husband as much as he fancies her, which visibly pains Sanji.
  • She forms a skating duo with her husband Salchow, including in combat.

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