Aramaki of One Piece

Aramaki (緑牛, “Green Bull” ) is an admiral of the Naval Headquarters two years after the Battle of Marine Ford, alongside Kizaru and Fujitora. ). Aramaki is merely the new admiral’s alias; his real name has yet to be revealed. He got his post through a worldwide conscription of the Navy, which had two admiral positions to fill after the battle between Akainu and Aokiji.


Aramakis has yet to make a full appearance, but is known to have longer wavy hair.


Aramaki seems to have a laid-back character, as he did not want to take action against Issho for leaving Mary Geoise despite Sakazuki’s orders. He also considers food a chore, which is why he has been fasting for three years. However, he has a preference for pretty women. If a pretty woman would feed him, he would even be willing to eat again. He also had no problems attacking the samurai or the reigning Shogun Momonosuke, since Wano Country is not part of the world government and thus counts as an enemy to him. He even shouted that he would kill thousands of civilians to achieve his goal.

Skills and strength

The fact that he managed to rise to the rank of Admiral shows that Aramaki must have quite a bit of combat experience and leadership. Since he’s an admiral in the Navy, it’s safe to assume that he’s also mastered the Haki and is in possession of a golden Den-den Mushi to trigger a Buster Call. Doflamingo also said that Fujitora and Aramaki were true beasts in terms of power.


Green bit

Doflamingo first mentioned Aramaki when he saw Fujitora and explained how they both came to their rank.

Mary Geoise

The fight in Mary Geoise

The first time Aramaki appeared was on Mary Geoise, where the Levely was about to take place. Grand Admiral Sakazuki had tasked him with finding Issho and getting him to leave the Holy Land again. Aramaki, however, wanted to save himself the stress and not fight his colleague. Instead, the two had sat down peacefully in a garden. On the fourth day of the reverie, however, a battle broke out between Admirals Fujitora as well as Aramaki and the revolutionaries around Sabo. The exact outcome is not known, but there was a disturbing article about Sabo in the newspaper.


  • ‘s and admiral names – like Sentomaru and the three admirals before them – seem to be based on the legend of Momotarō. Thus, the Earthly Branches Ushitora (丑寅, “Ox-Tiger”) corresponds to the ill-omened northeast, which was also formerly known as Kimon (鬼門, “Devil’s Gate”). Also in the Momotarō story, Onigashima Island is located to the northeast. Likewise, the Oni are traditionally depicted with bull horns, tiger skins and claws.
  • His admiral name is composed of Ryoku, the on reading of the Japanese word for green (緑), and Gyū (牛), which means bull, bull, ox, cow, or simply cattle. This corresponds to the same naming as with the three admirals before him.
  • possesses a distinctive laugh: Rahahaha.
  • is likely inspired by Japanese actor Yoshio Harada. Harada starred in the 1990 film “Rōnin-gai”, in which he portrays a Rōnin named Aramaki. In this film, the real-life models for Borsalino (Kunie Takana) and Issho (Shintaro Katsu) also embody roles. In addition, a character called “Red Bull” also appears. His laugh Rahahaha could also be a reference to Harada.

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