Arabasta Rebel Army

Rebels are the members of a Rebellion whose dream is to free the country from its current government. If necessary, rebels are not afraid to use violence against the authority of the state. The difference between a rebellion and a revolution is that the goal in a rebellion is the “liberation” of the country, while revolutionaries usually try to reorder the whole world.


Nebelin accident in Nanohana makes the people restless

The rebellion in Arabasta probably started when the fogin banned by the world government was spilled 3 years ago and this crime was pinned on the king. When the fogin was used in Nanohana by accident, unease grew in many residents towards the royalty. Although Kobra was known to be a very people-oriented ruler, no one could understand why he used this particular remedy in a desert state. On summer islands, like Sandy-Island, there is very little rainfall anyway, but that even the last bit of water was taken to make it rain in Arbana was too much for many, whereupon they turned against the king and founded the rebels. Unfortunately, the exact date of the founding is unknown.
The more time passed without a drop of water, the faster the rebel numbers grew. Just before the attack on Arbana, they numbered 2,000,000 members. What no one knew is that the use of the Nebelin was no accident or even intentional on the part of the king. In reality, it was part of the diabolical plan by the ex-samurai Crocodile, who was also the head of the secret organization Baroque Company. Thus, a huge ship full of weapons for the attack on Arbana was also brought to the rebels by the agents Mister 1 and Miss Doublefinger.


Koza commands the army

The leader of the rebels is Koza. In early childhood he was friends with the princess of Arabasta and helped her out of many a predicament. He was also very close to King Cobra at the time, as they both love their country above all else. Thus, even after the Nebelin accident, the thought still remained in him that it was not the king’s fault.

All rebels ride to Arbana,but not everyone gets to fight.

However, after Mister 2 had the city of Nanohana burned down while disguised as Kobra, even his last confidence faded and he ordered the attack on Arbana to begin immediately, despite being gunned down just moments before by royal soldiers who were really just Baroque agents as well. Besides Koza, all the other members of the children’s group Suna Suna Clan, with the exception of Vivi, have also joined the rebels. According to their leader, they will not tolerate anyone in their ranks who does not love their country and has no respect for death. So Koza personally turned away a young boy who wanted to go to war with them, saying that he was not afraid of the risk of dying.

We fear death, we don’t even want to fight!
We fight because the fight is already on.
The King has begun.
We don’t want to, but we must!
Just go home, kid!
Children have no business here!!!
-Rebel leader Koza to a young boy.


The main camp in Katorea

The rebel army had several bases on Arabasta. Until just before the attack on Arbana, Yuba was still the main base. So Vivi wanted to talk to the rebel leader Koza there to prevent a war. However, the base changed to Katorea, where Chopper briefly strayed to. No other bases are known to exist, nor is it likely that there were any, as there aren’t very many towns on the desert island and none of the ones visited had any mention of rebels.

When the Straw Hat Pirates learned that the rebels were not in Katorea, after Luffy refused to march all the way back, they decided to end the search and instead march to Rainbase, where Crocodile was staying.


Attack on Arbana

The royal army is totally outnumbered

After Bon Kurei appeared as King Cobra in Nanohana, burned the city to the ground, and then stranded another huge ship, also organized by the Baroque Company, Koza gave the order to attack Arabasta’s capital: Arbana. Immediately he mobilized all available rebels and rode there on camels equipped with the weapons he had found. At the same time, the Straw Hat Pirates, the Navy and the highest-ranking agents of the Baroque Company also started their journey to Arbana. First to reach their destination, the agents waited there for Vivi and her friends to stop them so they could no longer prevent the rebellion. However, through a clever trick by the Straw Hats, the Special Agents were quickly split up and later even defeated. Only Vivi remained excluded from this action, because she only wanted to place herself in some distance in front of the South Gate and talk to Koza there.

With a huge cloud of dust and a stomping that could be felt for many miles to come, the troops approached. However, a cannonball was fired too early by a soldier of the royal army, it was a Billion who had snuck in. Through the resulting smoke, Koza overlooked his former girlfriend Vivi, even though she was standing right next to him, screaming to be heard. It was only because Karoo protectively wrapped herself around the princess that she was not trampled by the camels’ hooves. Meanwhile, at the gate, the battle between the superior rebel army and the royal troops began.

The end of the rebellion

After Crocodile’s defeat, peace finally reigned again between the citizens of Arabasta

During the course of the war, the rebels were able to fight their way to the square in front of the palace, where they planned to confront the king. When they got there, Koza was standing in front of the king’s soldiers, all of whom were raising white flags in the air as a sign of peace. At first they could not believe why Koza suddenly sided with the king. He explained that after having a “conversation” with the king, who was being held captive on the roof of Crocodile’s palace, he realized that he was not the real enemy. Before he could finish his execution, he was suddenly shot from behind. Once again, the shot was fired by a Billion. Now Mister 0 also interfered again, creating a sandstorm that obscured the vision of those fighting. Now the Baroque members were free to fire at their opponents, who returned fire against Koza’s will.

So the two parties fought until suddenly the bomb Crocodile had hidden in the clock tower exploded in the sky, which was supposed to kill the combatants. Briefly, they stopped the fight, but after only a few seconds, they resumed the fight. All attempts by Vivi to reach the rebels failed, as the noise was simply too enormous. But then when Crocodile was threshed through the ground by Luffy and it began to rain, the rebels and the soldiers ended the battle. Vivi took advantage of the silence to loudly tell the rebels about the Baroque Works’s devious plan. At first they couldn’t believe it, but when Igaram surprisingly appeared with a boy who had been kicked by the king in Nanohana in his arms, they too were convinced of the king’s innocence. Thus ended the rebellion.


  • The Arabasta rebellion seemed to have attracted worldwide attention.

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