Arabasta Arc


Arriving in Arabasta, they are immediately attacked by Marine Captain Smoker and a wild chase begins. However, they manage to escape with the help of Luffy’s brother Ace. Now the Straw Hat Pirates makes their way across the desert to the rebel base of Yuba. Once there, however, they learn that the rebels are now camped near Nanohana. The Straw Hat Pirates decides to go to Rainbase first to defeat Crocodile. In Rainbase, however, the Straw Hat Pirates once again encounters the Marine as well as Smoker and while fleeing from him, launches an attack on the Golden Rain Casino, Crocodile’s lair. However, they are captured by Crocodile, but are able to escape again thanks to Sanji and Chopper, and make their way to the capital city of Arbana. Luffy saves Vivi from Crocodile and stays behind to defeat him. He fails, however, and is rescued by Miss Bloody Sunday for some unknown reason.

In Arbana, the Straw Hat Pirates splits up to fool the Baroque Company’s top agents and give Vivi time to stop the rebels. Vivi can’t do it, though, and a wild fight breaks out. Crocodile, meanwhile, kidnaps King Cobra because he wants to know where the Poneglyph is. This stone tablet is the real reason Crocodile has occupied the land. Luffy shows up and wants to defeat Crocodile for good, but this proves difficult as Crocodile has also eaten from a devil fruit. After the Straw Hat Pirates saves Arabasta, they treat themselves to a few more days off under the protection of King Cobra in Arabasta. However, the Navy is already on their tail again and so they continue on their journey. Vivi goes to the end of the country once again in person to say goodbye to her new friends. So that it is not noticed in the hustle and bustle that the princess has disappeared, Igaram dresses up as a princess again, which he already did in Whisky Peak!

Manga volumesArabasta Arc (Manga)

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