Applenine Island

Applenine Island is an island in the New World and a neighboring country to Dress Rosa. As such, the island’s population was involved in the video broadcast by Vice Admiral Maynard, which was intended to expose the horrors of Dress Rosa. Through this, the residents saw, among other things, Admiral Fujitora suddenly kneel in apology to King Riku Doldo III, which more than shocked the people.


  • The island’s name, which is written in Katakana (Applenine, アップルナイン) due to English borrowing, contains a hidden play on words: “neighboring country” in Japanese is Ringoku (隣国), which, when reformed, can also be read as Ringo ku (林檎九), which is the Japanese meaning for “apple nine”.
  • Applenine’s design also includes nine apples


  1. ↑ Greg’s Column: Greg’s Column #40 “That’s Not How I Remember It.”

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