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Apis lives on Warship with her grandfather Bokuden. Her best friend was the millennium dragon Ryu, whom she could understand through her devil power. However, he passed away.


Apis is a small girl with long blonde hair that she has tied into a braid with a turquoise bow. She wears a long yellow robe, each with maroon ends that feature a circle pattern. Around her waist she wears a dark red ribbon and under her dress she wears a shirt of the same color. She also wears a tall white hat with a similar circle pattern on the bottom and red shoes.


Apis is a very self-sacrificing character and set a goal to help her friend Ryu find his home island. Although this got her into many predicaments, she always stuck by this one. She also cared a lot about this, as well as the other villagers, which is why she didn’t tell them about the Millennium Dragon so they wouldn’t get involved. On top of that, she is also very emotional and cries because she is too small to complete the painting with her necklace.
At first, she is very afraid of the straw hats since they are pirates, but quickly befriends them. She can also get excited about things quickly, much like Luffy. Her cooking skills, on the other hand, are abysmal.

Abilities and Strength

Apis once ate of the Whispering Fruit, which allows her to understand the heart of animals. This allows her to obtain useful information, for example, she learned from birds about strong winds soon to break, or where sought-after locations are. Furthermore, she was able to escape a naval convoy on her own and cause a naval ship to capsize. Physically she will not be particularly strong, but she was able to rip out a nose hair from a sea king.


When Apis was in a field of flowers not far from her village, she heard a mournful voice through her devil powers and followed it. That’s how she came across the giant millennium dragon Ryu in a cave and befriended him. To help him get back to his home, Apis asked some marines, but they were searching for that very dragon and kidnapped her.


Escape from the Navy

On their way to the Grand Line, two days after leaving Loguetown, the Straw Hat Pirates came across a small rowboat in the sea. Hoping for a big catch, Luffy used his rubber powers and pulled the creature on the rowboat aboard, but it turned out to be the unconscious little girl Apis. Shortly before, the latter managed to escape from the navy, who wanted to abuse her to be led to the Millennium Dragon Ryu. Not wanting to give up his dream of eternal life, Flotilla Admiral Nelson entrusted his best subordinate Erik Whirlwind with the mission to track and bring her back. After being awakened by the smell of Sanji’s food, Nami introduced her to the Straw Hats. Although she was scared of the pirates at first, Apis quickly befriended them. After telling them about herself, the pirates decided to accompany her to her home island of Warship. On their way, however, they were attacked by the navy and fled to the Calm Belt. When the Sea Kings suddenly appeared, Apis was able to rip out a giant nose hair from one, causing it to sneeze and allowing the The Going Merry to leave the dangerous waters once again.

The Search for Ryu’s Home Island

When they reached Warship a little later, they found that the Navy was already on the scene as well, but they were first welcomed into the home of Apis’s grandfather Bokuden. While he told the Straw Hats a very long story, his granddaughter took the food and brought it to Ryu, but she was followed by Luffy and Nami. For some unknown reason, Luffy was able to understand the dragon and learned that he wanted to go back to his home. The Straw Hat captain then immediately assured him and Apis of his help. They were able to escape the navy and set off with Ryu, on a raft behind the The Going Merry, in search of his home island, but they continued to be pursued by the navy. They eventually learned from the dragon that the island was supposed to be east of Warship and changed course. Though they found nothing at first, they suddenly came upon a reflective apparition and sailed through it. Alarmed by the fact that the pirates simply disappeared, Corvette Captain Hardy dropped anchor, leaving Erik Whirlwind to pursue alone.

After surviving a typhoon, the Straw Hats, Ryu, and Apis arrived at an unknown island and explored. Through a bird, Apis learned of a building with a dragon painting and they headed there. Completing the painting through the dragon claw of Apis’s necklace, they fell into an underground temple. There, through murals, they learned of the island’s past, its people, and the Millennium Dragons, and also that the dragons’ nest was actually at Warship. However, Erik Whirlwind suddenly appeared and a fight with Zoro ensued, which was interrupted for the purpose of a successful escape. Back out of the mirrored apparition, they encountered the waiting marine unit, led by Nelson.

The situation seemed hopeless, but they eventually escaped, thanks in part to the efforts of Ryu, who protected Apis, and after countless more Millennium Dragons appeared. The sea level then dropped and the dragons’ nest then rose around Warship, but Ryu’s last wish, much to Apis’s despair, was to reach the dragons’ nest to die peacefully. However, Erik Whirlwind, who took out Flotilla Admiral Nelson moments before, also reached the mainland and a battle ensued with Luffy, which the latter managed to win. Determined to protect the dragon’s nest for all time, Apis bid farewell to the Straw Hat Pirates alongside the villagers, who resumed their journey towards Grand Line and Reverse Mountain respectively.

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