Aphelandra of One Piece

Aphelandra is an Amazon and belongs to the Kuja people. After the two-year time jump, she is a member of the Kuja pirate gang.


Aphelandra is twice the size of a normal human. On her head she wears a dark reddish-brown, melon-shaped hat with a red feather and the mark of the Kuja on it. She has brown hair and a cape similar to that of a naval officer. She wears a blue top, which has a gold trim at the neckline and is decorated with two rows of blue gems. To match her top, she wears a blue slip around her waist with the same decoration, to which a large sword is attached. She also wears black boots with a heel.


Aphelandra is a likeable person. More often than not, however, she doubts the hard decisions, such as Kikyo’s when they wanted to kill Luffy because otherwise they would get trouble from Pirate Empress Boa Hancock if they let him live. She didn’t see him as an evil person, but she reluctantly bowed to Kikyo’s decision and Amazon Lily’s laws. However, she has apologized to Luffy for saving him when he was stopped by Aphelandra during his escape.

Furthermore, like Marguerite and Sweet Pea as well, she is very honest, as she confronted Boa Hancock when she asked how and who was responsible for bringing Luffy to the village. She’s been totally smitten with Luffy since his first stay. When she heard that Luffy was back on the island, she was thrilled and could hardly believe that she could see him again so soon.

Skills and strength

Not much is known about Aphelandra’s strength. She is the only one who doesn’t seem to carry arrows or a snake to attack. Because of this, it is unknown if Aphelandra possesses Haki and can use it specifically on objects. However, one advantage for her is that she is taller than average for a human and must be stronger than a normal human. In addition, she carries a large sword, which means she must be trained in swordplay, but it has not been used by her yet. Whether she can use the Haki to make the sword stronger to do more damage to her opponents in a fight is unknown.


A strange creature

Aphelandra, along with Marguerite and Sweet Pea, discovered Luffy overgrown with the mushroom-sprouting-from-the-body fungus in the forest, which they then brought to their village. However, the three Amazons thought that Luffy belonged to the village and was a little girl.

After Luffy was freed from the mushrooms and washed, she also watched Luffy wake up, just like the other Amazons on the island, and marveled at his “golden balls” in the pocket between his legs. Then, when Luffy became enraged at the patched, flowered clothing after his escape and later tried to flee the prison, she stopped him with her breasts and beat him back to the other Amazons. After Marguerite was kidnapped by Luffy, she and a few other Amazons set off into the nearby forest to free her.

The cruel sentence

Aphelandra is petrified

Later, when Luffy was being held in the island’s battle arena, Marguerite, Sweet Pea, and Aphelandra wanted to apologize to Hancock for mistaking him for a little girl and bringing him to the village. This, however, simply turns the three of them to stone.

The Amazons in the audience thought Hancock’s decision was just and fair, which infuriated Luffy. Before the fight against the Gorgon sisters, he gently set the three petrified Amazons aside so that they would not be damaged. After Luffy, Boa Sandersonia, and Boa Marigold fought, Boa Hancock, at Luffy’s request, turned the three of them back. Later, they celebrated a bit with Luffy. As Luffy and Hancock departed for Impel Down, she bid them farewell along with the rest of the Kuja.

After the time jump

Aphelandra, by now a member of the Kuja pirate gang, dropped the Straw Hat off with her comrades near the Sabaody Archipelago after his training and wished him well. When the Straw Hat Pirates finally left for Fish Man Island, the Kuja Pirates stopped the Navy to allow them to escape.


  • As with all known residents of Amazon Lily Island, her name is derived from a plant. In her case, it is the Acanthaceae.

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