Ankoro of One Piece

Ankoro is a massive deep sea angler fish. She is under the command of the pirate captain Vander Decken IX.

Abilities and Strength

By creating a powerful beam of light with the antenna on her head, she can ambush sea creatures or sailors who are in the deep sea on their way to or departing from Fish Man Island. With its massive mouth full of sharp teeth, it then devours its victims with lightning speed.


When the Straw Hat Pirates reached the Deep Sea on their way to Fishmen Island, they lost Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji. While searching for those, Ankoro lured them into a trap with her light and wanted to eat them. However, Wadatsumi stopped them, as Vander Decken would punish them otherwise. Shortly after, the Flying Dutchman and its crew appeared.

Captain Vander Decken was not very pleased about the behaviour of his two creatures and told them not to eat any ships. He then gave the order to sink the Thousand Sunny so that they could recover their treasures. However, just before Wadatsumi could obey the order, the giant octopus tamed by the three missing straw hats appeared and gave the Umibōzu a few blows to the face, which definitely hurt him. Shortly after, the eruption of a deep-sea volcano announced itself, which everyone present was shocked to see.

When the volcano erupted, the Flying Dutchman, Wadatsumi, and Ankoro were swept away by a strong current due to the sudden change in temperature.Later, Ankoro was seen at Wadatsumi’s side as their captain talked about Princess Shirahoshi and threw an axe at her with his devil powers.


  • The name Ankoro comes from the Japanese word for monkfish Ankou.

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