Animal Species/Arabasta Saga

Baroque Works saga

The following animals, which only exist in the world of One Piece, appeared during the Baroque Firma saga:

Race / first appearanceDescription
Banana Crocodiles
(jap. バナナワニ, Bananawani)Manga: Chapter 127
Anime: Episode 77
Banana crocodiles are exceedingly dangerous. They bear a strong resemblance to normal crocodiles, with a banana growing on their head. However, this is not edible. Like their congeners, they also have a strong lower jaw and sharp teeth. Their length is estimated at 30 meters and their weight is 5.5 tons.
The Straw Hat Pirates first saw such animals when Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp and Smoker were trapped in the cage of Mister Zero’s secret lair. Banana crocodiles attacked the cage, but even they could not bite the prison.
Another type of Banana Crocodiles are the S-Class Banana Crocodiles.
Banana Crocodiles S-Class
(jap. F-ワニ, F-Wani)Manga: Chapter 180
Anime: Episode 111
S-class banana crocodiles are docile, unlike regular banana crocodiles. They move mostly on land and in Arabasta they are among the fastest animals, second only to the racing ducks.Miss Bloody Sunday used this banana crocodile when she rescued Luffy from the deadly quicksand. Without long words, she got back on the S-Class and made off.
Hiking bear
(jap. ハイキングベア, Haikingu Bea)Manga: Chapter 133
Anime: Episode 80
The Hiking Bear behaves like a mountaineer who loves and cares for the mountains. He is always on the move with a hiking stick. He politely greets everyone he meets on his way. However, he punishes those who do not greet him back by forcing them to sit on their knees for a solid hour, which is not exactly pleasant in the cold. Six years ago, Chopper set out to find a witch’s mushroom for Dr. Hiriluk. In the process, he encountered a Hiking Bear in the mountains, whom he duly saluted. When the Straw Hat Pirates arrived on Drum to look for a doctor for Nami, they encountered one on their way to the next village. Usopp got a huge fright and immediately played dead. Dalton explained to them that they didn’t need to be afraid of him. Various Hiking is English and means mountain hiking. Drum’s Hiking bear is about 7 feet tall. His favorite food is acorns.
Island Eater
(jap. 島食い, Shimakui)Manga: Chapter 128
Anime: Episode 77
Island eaters belong to the sea king family and are giant goldfish. The only difference between them and the normal goldfish is that the island eater has teeth with which it is able to chew. As its name suggests, it even eats islands to maintain its size. As the Straw Hat Pirates was leaving Little Garden, an Island Eater showed up to eat the Going Merry and the island. The ship swam into the mouth of the fish, but Brogy and Dorry used their weapons to destroy the Island Eater. After that attack, those weapons were useless. Brogy and Dorry said that not only was it huge, but so was its excrement. At one point, this was even said to have been the size of an island, which nowadays was called Nada. Usopp already told Kaya about this giant goldfish in one of his tall tales. Oda seems to want to show that nothing is impossible in the world and that even the biggest dreams and fantasies can come true. The island eater of Little Garden had a birthday on April 21. He was also 715 meters tall and weighed 120 tons.
Kestia Beetle
(jap. ケスチア, Kesuchia)Manga: Chapter 130
Anime: Episode 77
The Kestia Beetle is a poisonous parasite that prefers to live in extremely hot and humid jungles. Once a person is bitten by one of these beetles, he contracts an infection which rages in the person’s body for 5 days and is extremely painful. This clinical picture is therefore called 5-day fever.
Humans succeeded in eradicating this parasite more than 100 years ago. However, on Little Garden, where the living conditions are optimal and humans have not yet been able to take action against this species, specimens still exist today.
It was here that Nami contracted a bite from this beetle and fell ill. Because of this, the Straw Hat Pirates had to stop on Drum to see a doctor.
Kung Fu seals
(jap. クンフージュゴン, Konfū Jyugon).Manga: Chapter 161
Anime: Episode 96
Kung Fu seals are mammals that wear a carapace on their backs. With their flippers, they can move very well in the water. These animals love martial arts and challenge anyone to fight them. If they lose the fight, they are eager to apprentice with the winner so that he can teach them his technique. They usually occur in herds, which suggests that they have a great sense of community and a social nature. When the Straw Hat Pirates docked the The Going Merry on the coast of Arabasta to go ashore, they met these animals. Vivi warned them about the seals, but Usopp would not follow her advice and jumped ship. Of course, the seals immediately wanted to fight him, and he got the short end of the stick. Luffy also challenged them to a fight and promptly won. As a result, he was now forced to teach the Kung Fu seals. Later, the seals saved the Straw Hat Pirates from the Sandora Catfish.
(jap. ラパーン, Rapān)Manga: Chapter 134
Anime: Episode 80
Lapins are dangerous mountain animals that use their surroundings to take out their enemies. They look like rabbits, yet are as strong as bears and are estimated to grow six feet tall. They usually attack their opponent or prey with their claws. If this fails, they simply trigger an avalanche to defeat the enemy. However, they themselves are not buried by the avalanche, but cleverly use logs and ride on them.When Luffy and Sanji were on their way to Dr. Kureha with Nami, they encountered these extraordinary creatures. Of course, the Lapins wanted to eat them, but Luffy and Sanji were able to put up a good fight. However, when the animals suddenly started an avalanche, Luffy and Sanji were in trouble. Sanji saved the other two by jumping off his trunk himself, thus being swept away by the avalanche. It is later learned that Dr. Kureha now uses a lapin as a mount, a substitute chopper, so to speak. Various Lapin is French and means rabbit. Their favorite food is reindeer meat.
Racing Hippos
(jap. ホワイトウォーキー, Howaito-Wōkī)Manga: Chapter 135
Anime: Episode 81
A Racing hippopotamus (in the original White walkie) is used on Winter Islands chiefly for locomotion. They are usually small, which is due to the fact that they do not fully extend their legs. When they do, however, they are immediately a lot bigger and can also run faster. But because these animals are very lazy, they almost never walk on outstretched legs and often sink into the snow. Shaggy racing hippos have a very soft coat. Robson, Wapol’s main means of transportation, is a racing hippo. With him, he crossed Drum and chased Luffy when he was on his way to Dr. Kureha. Robson was reluctant to obey Wapol until he threatened the poor animal. That way he had it under control to some extent.
Racing Ducks
(jap. 超カルガモ, Chō Karugamo)Manga: Chapter 109
Anime: Episode 65
Racing ducks are the fastest animals in Arabasta. They have room for one person and if you train them well, they will obey your word. In Arabasta, 7 racing ducks got together and formed the Super Spot-Billed Duck Troops. This is used only by the royal family. Since racing ducks are very fast on land, they can’t fly unless they would try very hard, but even then they wouldn’t get further than a foot or two. The racing ducks also like to get drunk once in a while. The Straw Hat Pirates encountered one such specimen very soon with Karoo. When they wanted to take out the Baroque agents in Arbana, they were allowed to use the racing duck corps.
Giant dolphin
(jap. 巨大イルカ, Kyodai-iruka)Manga: Chapter 115
Anime: Episode 70
Except for its size, this dolphin hardly differs from its normal relatives. Another peculiarity, however, is its coloring, not gray, but snow-white. These animals have existed since time immemorial. When the Straw Hat Pirates of Whisky Peak was on their way to Arabasta, they had to stop first at Little Garden so the log port could adjust to the new island. On the way, one such dolphin jumped out of the water, which actually posed no danger. The huge waves it caused, however, could have been nasty to the Going Merry.
Giant Frogs
(jap. 巨大ガエル, Kyodai-gaeru)Manga: Chapter 163
These frogs are perfectly adapted to the desert as they require very little water. With their strong teeth, chewing solid food is no problem either. Consequently, they are the ultimate evolutionary stage of a normal frog. While crossing the desert, the Straw Hat Pirates encountered such a frog. Not knowing for sure if he was dangerous, they took flight. Nami and Vivi had a big head start with Matsuge and so the group tore apart until Chopper smelled Nami’s perfume.
Giant Scarab
(jap. ???, ???)
Anime: Episode 98
The giant scar He is a desert beetle from Arabasta that can throw huge dung balls. When the Straw Hat Pirates met the Desert Pirates in Arabasta on the road, they saw a giant beetle and had to destroy an enormous dung ball so it wouldn’t destroy Barbarossa’s ship. These balls are so huge that they can bury more than 100 people.
Sandora Lizards
(jap. サンドラ大トカゲ, Sandora Daitokage)Manga: Chapter 162
Anime: Episode 97
Sandora lizards are quite large and fast as well, but you wouldn’t expect that with their size. To catch their prey, they hide under sand and – as soon as their victim comes near – jump out and chase it. They always go hunting in pairs. The meat under the lizard’s rough scales is edible. While crossing the desert, Luffy spotted some con-riders. Since they were stealing all of the Straw Hat Pirates’s luggage, he gave chase. While chasing after them, he came near a Sandora lizard that saw Luffy as prey, but Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji killed the lizard before it could harm them. They then ate the meat.
Sandora Catfish
(jap. サンドラマレナマズ, Sandora Mare Namazu)Manga: Chapter 180
Anime: Episode 111
The Sandora Catfish lives exclusively in water and as its name suggests, it lives in Arabasta in the Sandora River. You rarely get to see it, but if you get too close to one, you could easily get eaten, as Sandora catfish loves human flesh. However, in return, it can also be eaten by humans, its meat is edible. Since Scissors, the moving crab, couldn’t ferry the Straw Hat Pirates across the Sandora River, the crew had to swim. Unexpectedly, they were attacked by such a fish. Before it could harm them, however, the Kung Fu seals came to their rescue. They knocked out the catfish and pulled it to the other shore. Thus, the Straw Hat Pirates had a clear path again and didn’t even have to swim, as Luffy and his crew were sitting on the catfish, which was being pulled by the Kung Fu Seals.
(jap. 雪鳥 (スノーバード), Sunōbādō).Manga: Chapter 140
Anime: Episode 84
Snowbirds have white feathers, which allow them to camouflage themselves well in the snow. As the name implies, these birds are only found on winter islands, as only there is snow all year round. When Luffy, Sanji and Nami were in Wapol’s castle and the two men wanted to eat the little reindeer Chopper and for this reason chased him through the whole castle, Sanji noticed that there was snow everywhere and immediately realized the reason: The gates of the castle were wide open. Sanji and Luffy then wanted to close the doors, but Chopper prevented them from doing so, as there were young snowbirds nestled on the gates, which would have been crushed if they had done so. There were also snowbirds in the Royal Cartridge Cannon. Since they had nested there, the cannon no longer worked.
Dizzy Egret
(jap. ワルサギ, Warusagi)Manga: Chapter 162
Anime: Episode 92
Vertigo herons are tricky birds, as they play dead and then steal the luggage of the travelers. Usually the pilgrims get a big fright, leave their things and then the birds use this chance. Since they cannot carry the prey on their wings, they have to drag it away in their beaks. When the herons have picked out everything useful, they throw the luggage away again and fly away. Luffy had to carry all the crew’s luggage because Vivi had promised him a rest stop at the next rock shadow. Of course, when the next rock was in sight, there was no stopping Luffy. When he saw the supposedly dying birds, he dropped the pack and called for Chopper. Vivi knew for a fact that they were fake herons when Luffy mentioned that they were injured birds. But by then it was too late and the herons had taken off, luggage and all.
(jap. 海ネコ, Umi-Neko)Manga: Chapter 157
Anime: Episode 92
Sea cats are marine mammals that are very often encountered on the Arabasta coast. Except for size, they bear a very close resemblance to their normal relatives. In Arabasta, these animals are sacred and for this reason may not be caught or even eaten. As the Straw Hat Pirates was on their way to Arabasta and once again running low on supplies, they encountered a sea cat. Luffy, of course, immediately saw it as lunch, and Zoro and Sanji weren’t averse to it either. But Vivi, being from Arabasta herself, was against it and forcibly stopped the boys. She explained that these animals were sacred in Arabasta.
Moving Crayfish
(jap. ヒッコシクラブ, Hikkoshi Kurabu)Manga: Chapter 176
Anime: Episode 110
Moving crabs are very rare and accordingly valuable. On land they are very fast, however they cannot swim. They usually hide under the sand to avoid detection. Their most striking feature: parade crayfish grow huge. To arrive in Arbana on time, the Straw Hat Pirates needed to find a quick means of transportation: Chopper found the crab shear, which took them all the way to the Sandora River.
Desert Berries
(jap. 砂漠のイチゴ, Sabaku No Ichigo)
Manga: Chapter 157
Anime: Episode 94
On Arabasta, there is a type of spider that looks like a strawberry, which is why the locals call it a desert berry. The venom of these spiders is highly toxic and acts instantly, causing the sufferer to die instantly. If someone has eaten a desert berry and dies, people are not allowed to touch him for several days while the poison is still in his body. Some people from the crowd gathered around the Spice Bean inn expressed the suspicion that Ace might have eaten such a spider, since he was a stranger on Arabasta and did not know the dangers of the land. However, Ace had only fallen asleep.

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