Amnesia island

The island of amnesia is encountered after Long Ring Long Land.

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.
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The island is a very rocky islet with an extremely steep coast. Due to the many rocky outcrops protruding from the side of the island, it is only possible to dock with a ship in a few places. In addition, there are also some rock formations in the sea area around the island. The land area is very simply structured: Thus, meadow and forest areas alternate, whereby the whole area is quite hilly.


On the island of amnesia there is a small village with some inhabitants, who are terrorized by the seahorse Noko. With the help of his devilish powers, he steals the memories of all the inhabitants every night, which is why the people here distrust each other very much and even fight each other or simply hide in their houses.


The Straw Hat Pirates also landed off the coast of Amnesia Island one day, with Noko using his powers on them at night as well. Only Nico Robin was spared, as she had not slept that night. The next morning, however, the rest of the Straw Hats couldn’t remember their adventures together, which is why they wanted nothing to do with the supposed strangers.

Robin tried to keep all of her nakama together to explain their situation, however Zoro and Nami still went on land their way. Luffy went after them a little later, which is why there was a short fight with Zoro. Eventually, however, Noko made himself known as well, which the rubber boy took on. After the victorious fight, all the memories reappeared and dispersed among the Straw Hats.


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