Amigo Pirates

The Amigo Pirates sails the Grand Line. All members of the gang are dressed like Mexican stereotypes and therefore wear the typical sombrero. The captain of the gang is a pirate named Largo. He usually sleeps and is completely disinterested in the daily happenings on board. For this reason, the vice-captain, a mask-wearing pirate named Corto, all too often takes command of the pirate crew. The ship of the gang is able to dive completely under water and therefore serves as a submarine at the same time.

This article contains information that is unique to the Movie 10 – Strong World special episodes.


One of the greatest desires of the pirate gang is to be part of Shiki’s great force. So they eagerly await the day when the Golden Lion makes them such an offer. One day, when the Amigo Gang actually gets a call from this very one, their joy is great. Shiki offers them to join his fleet as the 51st pirate gang, but only on the condition that they capture an escaped giant beetle. The amigo pirate gang agrees and sets off for Little East Blue, an island where the beetle is said to reside.

By chance, the Straw Hat Pirates is on this island at the same time and celebrates with the inhabitants. When the Amigo Pirates disturbs this celebration and demands the handover of the Beetle, who is friends with the islanders, a fight ensues. With combined forces, the beetle, the Straw Hat Pirates and the villagers manage to defeat the pirates.

This message gets through to Shiki. The latter declares both the Beetle and the Amigo Pirates as unimportant. Whether the pirate gang is still active after the defeat was not shown.

Known members

PositionNameBountyDevil Fruit
Capt:LargoUnknownFishnet Fruit

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