Amazon of One Piece

Amazon is an old, small woman who was the former entry control officer at the Sky Gate on Skypiea.

For the warrior women with the same designation, see Kuja. For their homeland, see Amazon Lily.


Amazon looks old and frail. She is quite small compared to the other sky dwellers. She has gray hair and her “NAHB”(Natural Ad Hair Balloon) lie close to her head. “NAHB” are two standing hairs with a small ball of hair perched on the end. She wears a pink dress, the color of which looks faded and reaches her knees. Amazon wears brown slippers. Like all sky dwellers, she has small wings on her back.

She has three dark spots on her right arm that form a triangle.


Amazon was quite intimidated by God Enel. This may be due to her visibly old age, as she no longer has the momentum to rebel against the rule. Added to this were Enel’s cruel methods of oppressing the populace, who had to bring all immigrants before the divine court themselves. Thus, she also seemed to be indifferent to what Enel was doing, and thus she didn’t care if the toll was paid or not, knowing full well that the immigrants were going to be trapped anyway. Her work during Enel’s reign was important, as she informed the White Berets of new visitors and thus set the first wheel in motion to bring them before the divine court. That Amazon was devoted to Enel was evident from the fact that even though she saw a massive stream of refugees heading for Cloud End, she was still taking pictures and collecting an exit fee.

After Enel was defeated, she was visibly relieved as she celebrated at the big party. She seemed to have been awakened from a sleep.


Heaven’s Gate

The Gates of Heaven

When the Straw Hat Pirates wanted to enter Skypiea, they met Amazon at the Sky Gate. She took photos of the travelers with the help of a dial and asked them their request for entry. For this, she demanded one billion extol per person as a toll. At first, everyone, especially the money-grubbing Nami, was very shocked by this. Since Nami didn’t know the exchange rate at that time and didn’t want to pay the demanded sum, she asked Amazon if it was possible to pass through the gate of heaven without paying. She explained that it was no problem, which astonished the gang.

After the The Going Merry passed through the gate, she notified the Skypiea police of the new criminals who would soon be arriving on the island. Using photos she had taken with her picture dial, the White Berets were able to easily locate Luffy and co. who were now illegally in the sky.

The flight of the sky dwellers

Amazon photographs the fleeing

While people were fleeing Sky Island, Amazone was snapping photos and charging an exit tax of Extol 2 billion per head. She was asked by the refugees to flee as well because the country would soon cease to exist. After Enel destroyed Angel Island, he also destroyed the Gate of Heaven, so that those who had not yet fled were cut off from the White Sea and Cloud End. They had nowhere to go and felt they could only wait for death.

After the war

Amazon seemed to be fine, as she celebrated the end of the war with everyone

Two years after the Straw Hat Pirates departed, Amazon sells tickets for 30 million extol to the new amusement park, Rubber Band Land. In front of the park, an exaggeratedly heroic sculpture of Usopp is enthroned.


This information comes from One Piece TV Special 6 (Episode 292)

  • In TV Special 6, Amazone made a cameo appearance. She, along with Terracotta and Maria Tamanegibear, were frightened by Monk Zoro, which is why Miss Monday did this attack.
  • Her favorite tea is sky bean tea

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