Amazon Lily

Amazon Lily is an island somewhere in the Calm Belt inhabited only by women of the Amazon people of the Kuja and various animals. Men are not allowed to enter.


The island lies in the Calm Belt, an area where it is windless and teeming with sea kings. The Calm Belt is the zone that separates the Grand Line to the right and left of the normal blues and is seen as a sea in its own right. Due to its location, the island is protected from ordinary sailors, as they cannot penetrate the Calm Belt with their ships without being attacked by sea kings.

The landscape of the island is dominated by rocks and mountains. The largest rock, which is also in the middle of the island, bears the inscription “九蛇”, which means “Kuja”. This rock, which is hollow, is the location of the empress’s village and castle. Furthermore, there is a large jungle on the island where wild animals live.


The life of the Kuja, who characteristically appear with their snakes and are peaceful among themselves

The inhabitants of the island are exclusively women. Any work, no matter how hard, is done by them. On Amazon Lily, strength means beauty and this is the philosophy of life of the Kuja. Many of the women carry snakes and use them as bows to fire arrows.

When the time comes, some women leave the island to be impregnated, after which they return home. Strangely enough, only girls are born on the island, so the normal people do not know much about men, neither about the behavior of the man, nor about his anatomy. To them, men are simply savages. They are also told that men would carry some kind of virus. When they observed Luffy, they transferred all of his characteristics as universal to all men, and thus formed an image of them.

The snakes of the Kuja

The head of state there is called the “Empress”. Some time ago Gloriosa was the head, but she had to leave the island due to an infatuation in order to survive. For the Kuja people, love is a fatal disease that has killed many empresses. The current empress, Boa Hancock, is idolized by all the people as the strongest and most beautiful woman in the world. At the same time, she is also the captain of a pirate gang of women, the Kuja Pirates, and thus the owner of the only ship on the island. Until the Levely in 1524, the pirate empress was a samurai of the seas, but they were abolished. Due to her devilish power, with which she can petrify other people, the rumor circulates among outsiders that the Kuja are monsters who can turn men into stone.

The Empress of the Kuja: Boa Hancock

The residents there also seem to have no knowledge of devil fruit, with the exception of the Empress and her sisters. Thus, when Luffy uses his devil powers, they believe that all the men could stretch and blow up like a balloon. They also believe in the story told to them by the Gorgon sisters that the latter’s “powers”, which are actually devil powers, are based on the Gorgon’s curse.


The reign of Boa Hancock

Due to its location in the Calm Belt, the island is naturally protected from enemies. However, with the help of Dr. Vegapunk, the Navy managed to penetrate the Calm Belt without difficulty, so from then on it was no longer protected. Boa Hancock was therefore forced to enter into an agreement with the world government and became a samurai of the seas, despite hating the regime. The agreement stipulates that the Kuja pirate gang will continue to exist and that the navy will not be allowed to come within three kilometers of the island, in exchange for which Hancock and her gang agree to assist the world government and the navy.

This promise came into effect as Whitebeard prepared to free Portgas D. Ace. The Navy demanded that Hancock join the fight on their side. However, when the Navy came to pick Hancock up, as she had initially agreed, she refused to sail with the Navy.

I like the position
and I want to remain a samurai…
But I detest world government…
and I don’t take orders.
Hancock to Momonga.

She petrified the crew and ransacked the ship. Momonga, who withstood the attack, gave her an ultimatum of two days to enter into the agreement. Her return home was celebrated by the Kuja. The only one who dared to stand in Hancock’s way was Gloriosa. She approached Hancock about the problem of losing the samurai position. The island would be attacked and looted. However, Hancock did not take her seriously and despised her. She was afraid to go to war, so she didn’t care what happened to the island. She threw Gloriosa out of the castle.

Luffy’s arrival on the island

After the Straw Hat Pirates lost the battle on the Sabaody Archipelago to Bartholomew Kuma, each member of Luffy’s gang was sent to a different island.

Luffy therefore flew for days through the world and finally landed in a giant paw in the middle of a jungle. After eating a giant boar, he discovered mushrooms, which he immediately devoured. However, these mushrooms were mushroom-sprout-from-the-body mushrooms. When these mushrooms are eaten, as the name suggests, mushrooms grow out of the body of the eater, which, if not removed, suck out the life force of the host, resulting in his death.

This phenomenon was now happening to Luffy’s body as well. Luckily for Luffy, he was found and treated by Marguerite and Sweet Pea. While washing the patient, the women, with the help of Gloriosa, discovered that Luffy was a man and not a woman as they had assumed. Luffy was locked up and marveled at and questioned by the women, however the warrior women, led by Kikyo, had to kill Luffy. They wanted to protect the unbroken law that no man may enter the island and were also afraid of Hancock’s reaction. However, Luffy escaped over the roof and fled into the jungle with Marguerite.

Luffy got back Rayleigh’s Vivre Card and his original stuff from Marguerite Silvers. However, Marguerite also had to try to kill Luffy and also got support from the rest of the Kuja warriors a short time later, but Luffy managed to escape this time as well. He got back to the mountain wall and, because he wanted to talk to a “big shot” to get a ship, jumped onto the roof of the building. However, this did not withstand him and Luffy fell into Hancock’s bathroom. Normally, the entire building is cleared of people except for the Gorgon sisters when Hancock wants to take a bath, as the rumor of the Gorgon eyes is not to be aired and the residents are to remain under the belief that these eyes petrify anyone who sees them. However, Luffy managed to see the brand on Hancock’s back and identified it as familiar. Hancock attempted to petrify Luffy using their devil fruit, however, he was unsuccessful. When he tried to escape, he was captured by the warrior women and dragged into the battle arena.

Punishment in the fighting arena

The Empress did not believe Luffy’s answer to the question of how he came to be on the island, moreover, he engaged in “indecent” behavior by ducking the Empress. He was sentenced to death. Marguerite, Aphelandra and Sweet Pea tried to defend Luffy and apologize for bringing him to the village. Hancock showed no mercy and petrified all three. Now Luffy was supposed to fight Bacura. However, he defeated this one relatively quickly, so Hancock sent her sisters into the ring, certain of a victory. The fight took on a heavy dimension for Luffy, as the sisters, like all Kuja warriors, enhanced their attacks with Haki and were also in possession of devil powers. After a prolonged battle, he defeated them both and still helped them keep up their rumor of the Gorgon Eyes by covering Sandersonia’s unclothed back, where the alleged eye was supposed to be.

The petrified protectors

Hancock gave Luffy the choice of either solving the petrification of his rescuers or leaving the island. Luffy chose to solve the petrification, and was taken to the castle where he learned all about the Gorgon sisters’ past. When Luffy showed understanding, Hancock agreed to lend him their ship. He was invited to a feast of the Kuja, but had to flee from it because the women were too pushy. He found refuge with Gloriosa and learned from her that Portgas D. Ace was in prison. Immediately he decided to go to Ace and free him. The next day, he wanted to talk to Hancock about her making the alliance with the Navy and thus smuggling Luffy aboard the Navy ship in time to take the Navy-only fast sea route. However, news went around that Hancock was gravely ill. Gloriosa explained that Hancock was in love and that is why he was suffering so. The object of her desire is Luffy and he now had an easy time persuading Hancock to enter into the alliance and carry out the plan.

Luffy vs. the Boa Sandersonia and Boa Marigold

Luffy’s second stay

When Shanks appeared in Marine Ford and ended the fight, Trafalgar Law fled with Jinbe and Luffy. They were intercepted by Hancock, who suggested they come to Amazon Lily. This suggestion Law accepted with thanks.
Luffy slept for two weeks and realized when he woke up that his brother had died. Out of his mind with grief, disappointment and anger he ran into the jungle and destroyed everything he could get his hands on. It wasn’t until Jinbe came along and tried to talk to Luffy that he calmed down. The fish man helped him work through his grief. Afterwards, they ran into Rayleigh, who had traveled to Amazon Lily. He suggested that Luffy train his Haki with him to become much stronger.

The abolition of the samurai of the seas

As a result of the Levely in 1524, the Samurai of the Seas were abolished, which meant that Amazon Lily no longer enjoyed naval protection. On the contrary, the navy surrounded the island, but Boa Hancock only replied that they had probably forgotten why she had been appointed Samurai of the Seas in the first place.


Participant 1Combat ArticleParticipant 2
LuffyVSBoa Marigold & Boa Sandersonia

Places on Amazon Lily

Battle Arena Kuja Castle Jungle Port


  • The inhabitants of the island all have names based on plant names.
  • The flag of the Kuja pirates has the same symbol as that of the Gorgons.
  • A national dish of the Kuja is penne gorgonzola with sea king. According to Luffy, it tastes very good.
  • According to Rurubu One Piece, Amazon Lily is inspired by China, especially the city of Lijiang and the Great Wall of China.

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