Amazon Lily Arc


Due to Bartholomew Kuma’s attack, Luffy lands on the island of Amazon Lily. In the forest he is found by the three Amazons Marguerite, Sweet Pea and Aphelandra, who take him to their village. There, Gloriosa opens up to them that Luffy is a man, and since men are forbidden on Lady Island, they lock him up. However, the Straw Hat Pirate is able to escape from the prison a short time later, taking Marguerite with him. Back in the forest, she explains to him that Amazon Lily is in the Calm Belt and is ruled by the pirate empress Boa Hancock.

The latter is on her way back to her homeland at the same time. Shortly before reaching the island, she meets a naval ship with Vice Admiral Momonga. The latter informs her that she must support the navy in the fight against Whitebeard if she wants to keep her title as Samurai of the Seas. However, Hancock refuses, stiffens his crew, and sails on with the Kuja pirate band. However, the Vice Admiral gives her two more days.

Back on Amazon Lily, the pirate empress meets Luffy. After the latter is able to defeat her two sisters Boa Sandersonia and Boa Marigold in battle, the ruler of the Kuja tells him her story. Shortly after, when Luffy learns that his brother Ace is imprisoned in Impel Down and is soon to be executed, and Boa Hancock is one of the 7 Samurai, he asks her to go about her duties as a Samurai. She is to sail with Vice Admiral Momonga’s ship and smuggle him into the underwater prison. Since she has fallen in love with him and is impressed by the incident on the Sabaody Archipelago, Hancock agrees. Eventually, Hancock manages to smuggle Luffy onto the ship under her cloak.

Meanwhile, the whereabouts of the other members of the Straw Hat Pirates become clear: Nami has landed on a sky island, Franky has made it to Vegapunk’s birthplace, Chopper must save himself from eating birds in the Southblue on Torino, Sanji encounters his personal horror in the form of transvestites in Kamabakka, Robin encounters some revolutionaries in the East Blue on Tequila Wolf who free her from slavery, Usopp has been beamed to the Boin Archipelago, Zoro has been sent by Bear to Kuraigana, where Perona also landed earlier, and Brook lands in Harahettarnia, where he is worshipped by devil worshippers. Meanwhile, Marine Ford has gathered many highly respected naval figures as well as four of the Seven Samurai.

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