Amanda of One Piece

Amanda is a young girl and appears exclusively in the second special.

This article contains information unique to One Piece TV Special 2 – Open to the Wide Sea! One Father’s Huge, Huge Dream.


The treasure map on Amanda’s back

Amanda has reddish hair tied in two braids and brown eyes. During her adventure with the straw hats she wore an orange vest and a red top underneath. Furthermore, she wears white pants and a red belt. On her back is a treasure map that was painted on by her father.


Amanda’s father was an adventurer and treasure hunter, which is why he often left Amanda alone. Because of this, she hated adventures, since she had lost her father because of it. He felt a little guilty that he always left the children alone, and to make up for everything, he always promised Amanda gold and jewels, but she had no interest. However, in the end, she would not let Chopper take the treasure map away from her, and was now ready to go on adventures. When she saw the beautiful giant pearl, she thanked her father in her mind and shouted that her father was the best father in the world.


Amanda’s father comes home badly injured

Amanda’s father was always away having adventures, so Amanda had to take care of her two younger siblings. One day, after discovering a great treasure, Amanda’s father returned home badly injured. He drew a map on Amanda’s back and gave his son Horie a pendant. Shortly after, he passed away, previously letting Amanda in on the secret of his treasure with his last breaths.


Escape from Zap’s ship

The Five manage to escape

At the beginning of the special, Bonney and Max were working in the storeroom and were considering escaping from Zap’s ship. Bonney, however, dismissed the idea, saying they had no money. Amanda drew attention to herself, and promised them some of her father’s treasure. Bonney and Max agreed, and together with the three children fled from Zap’s ship in a small dinghy.

Meeting on Bayan

Bayan looks at the treasure map

Together they finally arrived at the island where Amanda thought the treasure was. For a month they dug for it, but did not find it. Unexpected visitors arrived on the island, the Straw Hat Pirates. The five pretended to them to be a family on a camping holiday. When Usopp introduced himself to them, he mentioned the word adventure, which is why Amanda ran into the forest.

Shortly after, she was kidnapped there by Bayan’s people, as Zap had been secretly following them. When Zap spotted the Straw Hats’ ship, he was about to fire at them, however Luffy beat him to it and swung onto Zap’s ship with his devil powers.

Amanda later found herself tied up with him in the cargo hold of Zap’s ship, however they were then taken to the main ship of Bayan’s pirate gang. There, Amanda was forced by Bayan’s choir to reveal the treasure map on her back. This allowed Bayan to know the location of the treasure and set course for the island Zap had brought them from.

Back on Treasure Island

Amanda marvels at the giant pearl

Once there, Amanda was locked back in the cargo hold, however she was rescued by Bonney and Max who had snuck on board. Meanwhile, the Straw Hat Pirates had taken care of Bayan and his gang. Together, and with the help of the map and Horie’s pendant, they discovered that the island wasn’t an island at all, but a giant oyster. Zoro managed to open it from the inside, and out came a gigantic pearl.

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