Alvida Pirates

Alvida’s pirate gang was a relatively weak pirate gang from the East Blue.


The captain of this gang was – as the name suggests – a woman named Alvida. Despite, or perhaps because she was particularly fat, she demanded constant flattery from her members regarding their appearance. Anyone who failed to provide this or otherwise failed to perform a task she had instructed them to do was punished. Kicks and blows with an iron club were the order of the day.

Two years ago, a boy named Koby got lost on the ship of this pirate gang. Since he knew the sea well, he was forced to serve the gang as a navigator and girl for everything. Since Koby was a coward, he slaved for Alvida and her gang for two years without escaping. Even as he secretly completed an escape boat, fear of the consequences kept him aboard the pirate ship.

When Luffy washed up in a barrel at the gang’s base one day, everything changed abruptly. With a single blow, he defeated Alvida, saving Koby from the clutches of the pirate gang and allowing him to join Luffy on his way to Shells Town.

As a result of this defeat, the pirate band disbanded and Alvida took up the pursuit of Luffy, seeking revenge. On this journey, she ate a devil fruit that gave her a miraculous appearance and immense powers. Shortly after, she saved Buggy from a giant crab. Soon, the two realized that they were pursuing the same goal in taking revenge on Luffy, and so Alvida joined Buggy’s band of pirates.

Known members

PositionNameBountyDevil Fruit
Capt:Alvida5.000.000Alabaster Fruit
Cabin boy:Kobynonenone

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