Alpacaman of One Piece

Alpacaman is a pirate and subordinate of Emperor Kaidou. He is one of the Gifters of the Beasts Pirates and works as such in the prison mine of Udon.


Alpacaman is a large man whose appearance is strongly influenced by the consumption of a Smile devil fruit. Thus, he has the neck and head of an alpaca, making him much larger once again. The rest of his body, on the other hand, has no visible changes. He wears an open, dark vest and a fringed cape. Metal chains are attached to his torso, and his hips are only covered by a sort of loincloth with small pockets on it. While he only wears a dark glove on his right hand, only his left leg is covered by a vertically striped pant leg. He also wears black shoes and two bracelets on his left forearm.

Skills and strength

As a prison guard he enjoys a high rank in Udon and can get away with almost anything with the inmates. The punishment code in force in Udon plays into his hands.

Furthermore, he has eaten from an Alpaca Smile, which enables him to fire spit projectiles at his opponent at great speed. He is also skilled in the use of his two swords, and can make them rotate simultaneously at breakneck speed. However, he had no chance against Luffy’s distinctive observation shaki, so he couldn’t hit Hyogoro even once.


Hyogoro defeats Alpacaman

When news of Eustass Kid’s escape made the rounds, Alpacaman spoke to Monkey D. Luffy and told him that escaping with sea stone handcuffs was stupid and that he would be severely punished for it. Further, he asked the Straw Hat if he had anything to do with the escape. At this, Luffy had to endure some spit in his face.

After Queen finally reached Udon and had Luffy and Hyogoro compete in the ring for his entertainment, but they won with ease, Alpacaman and Madilloman confronted them. He shot a spit projectile at Grandfather Hyo, however Luffy’s announcements allowed him to dodge and headbutt him. Although Alpacaman quickly stood again, he still couldn’t hit his opponent and Hyogoro defeated him by using distinct armor haki.


  • Like many characters, Alpacaman has a unique laugh, so “Pa” is followed by several “ca”, i.e. Pacacaca, etc.

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