Ally of One Piece

Ally is one of the children kidnapped by Caesar Clown and treated with the NHC10 drug.


Ally appears to be a normal child at first glance, but has actually grown to the size of a giant due to Caesar Clown’s drug NHC10. Apart from that, she has short brown hair and a small nose. During her stay in Biscuits Room, she wears a sleeveless white shirt.


Ally, along with Konbu, Mocha, Sind, Uzu, and Doran, are among the first children to be kidnapped by Caesar, which is why they are the tallest. She, like the other children, fled with the Straw Hat Pirates when they accidentally showed up at Biscuits Room. When they took shelter in a cave and began hallucinating and becoming aggressive due to withdrawal from the drug, the side effects of the drugs began to affect Ally and the other children as well. As a result, the Straw Hat Pirates had to put the kids to sleep and put them in chains. However, when they woke up a few hours later, they managed to break the chains and attacked Nami and Usopp who were guarding the children.

Caesar had also arrived by now and took the children back to his lab. There, the kids were supposed to get candy again, but this was prevented by Chopper, who managed to sneak into the lab, and Mocha, who came back to her senses. Ally and the other kids then chased after Mocha, who tried to keep them away from the candy. The Straw Hat Pirates had great difficulty stopping the children without seriously hurting them. It wasn’t until Mocha ate all the candy and then collapsed bleeding from the drug overdose that the kids slowly realized the danger posed by the drugs. Sanji and the G5 Marines then injected the children with sedatives, which calmed them down.

After successfully escaping from the lab, Law treated the children and used his devil powers to remove the drugs from them. They subsequently recovered and were able to attend the pirates’ victory celebration. Afterwards, the Navy took the children in and promised to bring them home to their parents. At first, the Navy soldiers did not allow the children to say goodbye to the pirates, but they did not keep this up for long themselves, as the Navy soldiers also began to like the pirates.

After Doflamingo’s defeat on Dress Rosa, Tashigi informed the children that they would soon meet Dr. Vegapunk.

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