All-Hunt Grount of One Piece

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All-Hunt Grount is a young Marine captain and former protégé of Aokiji.


Grount is a young 17-year-old man with short black hair on the sides. On the crown of his head he wears a red mohawk. His left cheek is adorned with a small scar. Grount’s clothing consists of a white shirt over which he wears a black vest, red pants, light boots, and brown gloves. Around his waist he wears a holster in which he carries two small daggers. Over his shoulders he has thrown a holey navy coat. The most noticeable feature on Grount is his metal arm, which he uses to keep his beast arm under control.


Grount is a very hot-headed and arrogant type of person. Upon arriving at the naval base Fron attack, he attacked the other marines and damaged the warship because they were too weak in his eyes. He likes to fight and specifically wanted to be transferred to Prodi’s base because she was watching Big Mom’s activities, which Grount was also targeting. Because of his strength, Grount is very confident. However, when he took a beating against Luffy, he initially lost his fighting spirit. This experience brought him back down to earth and he realized that he had to become stronger before he could defeat Luffy next time.

Skills & Strength

Grount’s beast arm

Grount possesses exceptional strength for his age. He rose to the rank of captain within the navy at the age of 17. One thing that stands out about him is his metallic arm, which he uses in battle. With this, he could easily take out or damage several marines and a warship. However, the metal arm is actually meant to keep his beast arm under control. He got this from a devil fruit he ate as a small child. The beast arm gives Grount extra strength, so Grount was able to briefly withstand Luffy’s attacks in Gear 2 and 3. Even as a young boy, his strength was so great that he reduced an entire city to rubble. Around his waist, Grount carries a holster with two daggers that he can also use in combat.


As a young boy, Grount ate from a Zoan devil fruit that caused his left arm to become monstrous. He couldn’t control his powers, and laid waste to an entire town with them. When Aokiji happened to arrive on the island, Grount was distraught and asked Aokiji to cut off his arm. Since his arm was attacking the admiral uncontrollably, Aokiji unceremoniously froze him. Aokiji subsequently took care of young Grount over the next few years. The latter joined the Navy and served under Aokiji from then on, along with Bonham and Zappa. He was also given a metal arm that kept the Beast Arm’s powers under control. Because Aokiji had concerns about Grount’s arm and temper, Grount was not allowed to accompany him on his travels. Despite this, Grount eventually managed to achieve the rank of naval captain at the age of 17.


Grount vs Luffy

Grount was transferred to the Marine base on Fron at his request, as it was close to Big Mom’s territory. When the warship that the base was traveling in arrived in port, Grount began to take out the other marines on the ship. He also took out the ship in the process. Afterwards, Vice Admiral Prodi cited him to his office, where the latter reprimanded Grount for his actions. Furious that Prodi then began to speak ill of Aokiji, Grount nearly started a fight against Vice Admiral had he not been restrained. Instead, Grount then headed to the mess hall, where he ran into his old companions Bonham and Zappa. When the alarm went off and Luffy’s cover was blown at the base, Grount gleefully prepared for battle. The Marine captain tried to land several hits against the Straw Hat captain. However, Luffy and Carrot soon fled the canteen. Grount, Bonham, and Zappa eventually pursued the pirates to the base warehouse. There, Grount confronted Luffy one more time, but was soundly defeated.

The defeat shook Grount’s self-confidence to the core. Only after remembering his encounter with Aokiji did Grount set out to challenge Luffy a third time. To be armed against Luffy, Grount destroyed his metal arm that kept the beast arm underneath under control. Grount now used his full powers. However, Grount still failed to defeat Luffy, who finally defeated him with a Gomu Gomu no-Thor-Elephant-Gun. After he regained consciousness, the pirates had already fled. Grount acknowledged Luffy’s strength and felt that this one was worth his bounty. Next time, however, he would win.


  • Grount’s beast arm was dreamed up by the anime team along with Eiichiro Oda.
  • In One Piece – Stampede, Grount made a brief appearance when he and other marines apprehended pirates trying to escape from Delta.

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