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This article contains information unique to One Piece TV Special 3 – Protect Her! The Last Great Show.

Alan is an actor in Randolph’s theater company and appears exclusively in the third special.


Alan is a lanky man with shaggy brown hair. His glasses with very large, round and thick lenses are striking. He wears a green shirt with rolled up sleeves and dark trousers and grey shoes. Furthermore he wears a blue cap.
As a stage outfit, on the other hand, he wears a light-colored shirt with rolled-up sleeves and blue pants, which, however, end far above the ankles and are held in place with suspenders. In addition he wears brown shoes.


Alan is a kind and caring person who can also react very emotionally. The fact that Randolph was doing his last play really got to him and he did everything he could to make it succeed. However, since the Straw Hats threatened to mess it up, he reacted angrily towards Robin and improved them. Then towards the end of the play, his nervousness showed as he watched Randolph’s final scene. He has a similar attitude towards pretty women as Sanji, so he blindly agreed with Nami with heart eyes.


As he was rehearsing with his comrades, Lola burst in with two other colleagues and announced her immediate departure, to which Alan reacted very shocked. Nami, however, offered to take over the role, for a fee, and Alan was immediately struck by her beauty and agreed to the offer with the rest of the cast and manager Suita. The play began and Alan played a villager alongside Robin who met the princess, but evil pirates appeared shortly after. When Robin’s staging got out of hand, he talked down to her politely at first, but he became increasingly exasperated and improved on her that this wasn’t a musical after all. Alan was taken aback when Robin then left the stage saying that she saw no point in acting in a simple play. The whole performance seemed to be a disaster due to the involvement of the Straw Hat Pirates, but the audience seemed to enjoy themselves and Alan was relieved when Randolph finally took the stage.

During the intermission before the final act, he went over his lines and answered Usopp’s question that the play would end with the death of all the pirates. The actors then told the Straw Hats about Randolph’s past. But then he learned that his fellow temps were pirates as well, and that there was even a large bounty on their captain, Monkey D. Luffy’s head. He cheered for Randolph who wanted to take on the straw hat, but after a short time Alan had to watch his defeat. While the preparations for the final act started again, the navy suddenly appeared and captured Randolph, accusing him of smuggling weapons. Alan could not believe this and protested.

Later, Luffy freed Randolph and Alan, along with his colleagues and the audience, ran back to the theater ship to finish the play. After his character in the play died at Randolph’s hands, Alan nervously watched the end of the play.


  • His name wasn’t mentioned until the episode credits.

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