Aladine of One Piece

Aladine is a bearded Merfolk. Several years ago, he joined the Neptune army. For reasons still unknown, he was later captured and became a slave in Mary Geoise until Fisher Tiger freed him and he joined the Sun Pirates under his command. Aladine was the ship’s doctor for the Sun Pirates until it disbanded. He continued as ship’s doctor under Jinbe and eventually became their vice-captain.


Aladine is a powerfully built and tall aquarius. He wears his hair tied back in a ponytail that curls almost to the base of his fins. In the form of a henriquatre, merging into a goatee, a beard also adorns Aladine’s face and is thus also a trademark of his. His fin is light brown and gets a little darker towards the end. He also has the symbol of the Sun Pirates, which he wears on his left abdominal region. Also Aladine has a tattoo on his left upper arm with the words “1TC”. His clothing consists only of a dark vest, which reaches far above the base of his fins. The symbol of the Sun Pirates is also depicted on the back. Aladine also always carries a trident with him, which hangs over a belt on his back.


Aladine seems very calm and reasonable overall. He was also able to put himself in Koala’s shoes and understood the psyche of a slave. At Otohime’s request, he also cared for the injured world aristocrat Saint Mjosgard on Fish-Man Island, and was thus able to overlook the fact that he himself was once a slave. It was also Aladine who spoke to Jinbe about the problem child Arlong, and said that they would take care of it themselves if necessary.

Skills and strength

Aladine seems to be a capable ship’s doctor. He is familiar with blood transfusion, among other things, and the fact that he was able to treat his comrades’ injuries also speaks to that. Likewise, in Koala’s case, he also addressed the psyche, from which it can be concluded that Aladine is also knowledgeable in this field of medicine.

He is also one of the few watermen seen so far who could move freely outside the water even without a coating bubble, which speaks for his experience and abilities, among other things.

Strength-wise, you shouldn’t underestimate him either. Even if you haven’t seen him actively fighting yet, it speaks for him that he served in the Neptune Army and also always carries his trident, which hardly serves as an adornment. Among other things, Aladine intervened at Jinbe’s side when Fisher Tiger was surrounded and attacked by the navy. He was injured, but he and the rest of the gang managed to free Fisher Tiger. It was thus possible for him to fight the navy. Likewise, Aladine was seen shouldering a wooden barrel almost as big as himself on land on only one arm. As an Merfolk, it is also possible for him to move very quickly underwater and to breathe underwater.

Aladine is a fish-man and former slave. After Fisher Tiger freed him from Mary Geoise, he joined the Sun Pirates as a ship’s doctor. Just like Jinbe, Aladine is also proficient in fish-man karate and fish-man jujitsu.

The following attacks are known:

  • Kairyuu Ippon Zeoi
  • Uchimizu
  • Yonsen Mai Gawara Seiken


Aladine served in the Neptune army many years ago. At an unknown time, he became a slave and was probably also freed during Fisher Tiger’s action.

Under Fisher Tiger

Fifteen years ago, when Fisher Tiger formed the Sun Pirates, he was already aboard and part of the pirate gang. He was present when Hatchan reported an enemy ship.

Three years later, he also explained that slavery affected Koala and that was why she always worked, as she may have seen what happened to those who did not. Also, Aladine noted that it takes time for Koala to change and that she should be given it. Some time later, he was shown alongside Hatchan and Koala shopping and eating and drinking together. A few weeks later, they reached Koala’s home island of Foolshout and Aladine was seen waving goodbye to Koala. As Fisher Tiger made his way back to the ship, he was surrounded and attacked by the navy, at which point Aladine set off with Jinbe and a few others to help him. In the process, Aladine was also slightly wounded, but they managed to get Tiger onto the stolen navy ship. Aladine immediately took medical steps and treated Fisher Tiger’s wounds. According to his diagnosis, his captain should have undergone a blood transfusion as he had lost too much blood. When Fisher Tiger refused this and told them his story, Aladine was also shocked but also very grateful for freeing the slaves and remarked that Fisher Tiger was a savior and hero. As a result of Tiger refusing the transfusion, the ship’s doctor also had no choice but to watch his captain die.

Under Jinbe

After Fisher Tiger’s death, Aladine continued to be a part of the Sun Pirates under Jinbe’s command. When Jinbe read the article in the newspaper about Fisher Tiger’s death and said that Arlong had lied about the death of Fisher Tiger, Aladine said that the truth was far more cruel and basically related to the people anyway. When Jinbe was offered the title as one of the 7 Samurai, he considered accepting the offer, thus allowing Aladine and some others to return to Fish-Man Island, as Aladine and some others would prefer to live in peace and leave the pirate life behind. After Jinbe accepted the offer and became one of the 7 Samurai, Arlong was released from custody and a fight ensued. Arlong didn’t like Jinbe’s submission to the humans and then left the Sun Pirates, saying that if Jinbe wants to stop him, he must kill him here and now, which Jinbe did not do.

Don’t worry about it Jinbe…!
You can’t kill a younger brother you grew up with in the fish-man district,
you can’t kill him to stop him…
Whatever the reason…
Wherever he goes in this world…
As soon as he gets violent, the navy will move!!!
And if not, we’ll stop him ourselves if necessary!!!
– Aladine to Jinbe via Arlong

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