Akumai of One Piece

Akumai is Bon Kurei’s right-hand man and can often be seen around him. Like everyone else in Bon Kurei’s gang, he is an excellent dancer and quick-change artist.


Akumai is an average sized man with a striking hairstyle. Thus, he has black hair that sticks out from his head in the shape of a bat. He wears a vertical black and grey striped t-shirt and a light scarf with dark dots. A purple sash is tied around his waist with his sword in it.


He is fiercely loyal to his leader and seems to have had a change of heart much like the latter. For example, he initially supported the Baroque Company and endangered the lives of countless people with his actions, while he later sacrificed himself to allow the Straw Hat Pirates to escape. Friendship seems to have been very important to him and a reason for this change.

Skills and strength

In the ranks of the Baroque Company, he only held the rank of Billion and does not seem to be a particularly strong fighter. However, his transformation skills allow him to deceive his opponent and gain a strategic advantage.

He was seen with a sword, though it is not known how good he is at wielding it.


The mission to eliminate Mr. 3

On Mr. 0’s orders, Bon Kurei boarded the Swanda Express with his men, including Akumai, headed for Little Garden to finish off Mr. 3. However, they were unable to locate him on the spot and fearing being killed for his failure by Mr. 1, he gave orders to return to Arabasta at top speed and sink any sighted ship. On the way back, Akumai noticed smoke rising, but Bon Kurei ordered them to continue and to the crew’s horror, their leader was gone shortly after. He went overboard and was fished out by the Straw Hat Pirates. As the Swanda Express approached the The Going Merry, Bon Kurei was able to return to his ship much to the delight of his gang. However, they shouted his code name within the Baroque Company in sheer delight, exposing him to the Straw Hats.

Operation Utopia

Later, the Officer Agents gathered at the Spiders Café and Bon Kurei was accompanied by his men, but they did not enter the café and were ordered to leave by their leader. Outside the door, however, they encountered Mr. 1, who threw them through the wall of the Spiders Café because of their strange movements, after which a fight ensued between Mr. 1 and Mr. 2.

When the plan to conquer Arabasta began, Bon Kurei posed as Nefertari Kobra and Akumai was at his side, disguised as a member of the Royal Army. During the resulting war, Akumai made no further appearance.

True friendship

After the war, Bon Kurei met up with his “new friends”, the Straw Hats, and helped them escape. However, when “Blackcage” Hina showed up with a fleet, escape seemed impossible. Bon Kurei and his men therefore disguised themselves as the Straw Hat Pirates and tricked the Navy, with Akumai “imitating” Chopper. While the Straw Hat Pirates thus managed to escape, Bon Kurei’s gang was caught.


  • His name was not revealed until One Piece Blue.

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