Aisa of One Piece

Aisa is a little girl from the Shandia people. Just like Enel and his priests, she has mastered the Mantra.


Aisa before the time jump

Aisa has short purple hair that is mostly hidden by a white scarf she wears under her light brown cap, which only exposes her face. Her eyes are a reddish brown color. The girl wears a simple brown dress with a red border around her neck that reaches her knees. Shoes are not worn by Aisa, as she is always barefoot. In addition, she usually carries a gray bag in which she collects Vearth, which is very precious to her.

After the two-year time jump, she has aged and grown considerably on the outside. She was seen wearing a cap of rubber band land, a yellow sleeveless dress that reaches her knees, and white sandals. Her now longer hair is tied in two braids.


In her first appearance, Aisa seems scared and jumpy, but she soon showed her strong self-confidence when she contradicted Mantis, who had been worried because Aisa had been at the Upper Yard despite the danger to her life. However, she seems downright afraid of Wyper. She also acts very jumpy whenever someone uses their devil powers, like Luffy, Nico Robin, and Pierre did. She is aggressive towards perceived enemies of her people, but lets her elders hold her back. She is very suspicious of strangers, especially since the Shandia have long been at war with the other Celestials and also saw all Blue Eers as potential enemies. She showed some courage and determination when she heard more and more voices going off in the Upper Yard and then headed there alone, believing she could somehow help, even though she could do almost nothing.

Her personality is not yet fully developed due to her young age, but certain traits can already be seen.

Skills and strength

Aisa Threatens Nami

Little Aisa is actually too young for fighting, yet she has some amazing abilities. For one, there is her mantra. This ability allows her to hear people’s inner voice. Furthermore, she seems to already be able to apply this ability to a large area, as she was able to hear the demise of Satori, whose territory was quite far from the Shandia village. She can also determine the direction from which individual voices are coming, though she doesn’t yet seem to be able to read the exact flow of individual voices’ thoughts like Enel or the priests. On the other hand, she can already tell a few voices apart, and thus recognized that the first fallen priest had not been defeated by Gan Fall, but by someone else. The mantra also caused her problems, however, when the many silenced voices during the battle in the Upper Yard made her feel so bad that she had tears in her eyes.

To attack, Aisas uses her Burn Blade, which she always carries with her and with which she threatens anyone who seems unknown or scary to her. She boldly confronts such would-be opponents. In the fight against Enel, Mantis used this weapon, which had its effect there.

Aisa is not yet a trained warrior and has not been seen in a real fight, but her abilities should not be underestimated.


Negotiations with Gan Fall

In the background, little Aisa is crying.

When Gan Fall once again came to the Shandia village to negotiate, and Wyper soon found himself so provoked that he attacked Gan Fall, little Aisa began to cry in a tent nearby. Her mother held her in her arms and tried in vain to comfort her. Laki, who was watching the scene from the entrance of the tent, noticed that Aisa always started crying when there was unrest in the village, which usually involved Wyper.


The village of the Shandia

Aisa meets mantis

Aisa returned to the Shandia village by jumping through a cloud and encountered Mantis, who warned her not to go too far into the Upper Yard, as she could lose her life there. However, Aisa just stuck her tongue out at him and grumbled at him that he should rather knock Enel off his throne. While Wyper, Laki, Braham, and Genbo were finishing up a meeting, Aisa snuck up to the tent, but was prevented from entering by Braham. He told her Wyper was in a bad mood right now, which Aisa found creepier than God. Suddenly, Aisa noticed through her mantra that two people had been defeated. For all she knew, it was Gan Fall and one of the priests. She reported that directly to Wyper as well. The latter took note of it, while Aisa further reported to Laki that the priest had not been defeated by Gan Fall, but by someone else.

While a little later the Shandia warriors, spurred on by the news of a priest’s defeat, saw an opportune time to retake Shandora and set out to overthrow Enel, Aisa stayed behind in the village. Laki took Aisa’s bag of Vearth and promised to bring her some more Vearth.

The fight in the Upper Yard

Nora shows up in front of the The Going Merry

A day later, Aisa was rescued on the Snow White Sea by Pagaya and Conis, and with the help of her mantra, they made their way to the Straw Hats. Aisa was shaking and had tears in her eyes, as she had never heard so many voices go out as she did at the battle in the Upper Yard. They reached the Going Merry, but while Conis and her father wanted to stay with the ship, Aisa wanted to continue, but was stopped by Pagaya. Once aboard the The Going Merry, she went straight for Nami with her Burn Blade, but she held Gan Fall’s glove in her face. Aisa finally gave up and she learned from Nami that she wanted to wait for the four others who had left together. But Aisa assured her that there were no more groups of four in the Upper Yard, at most groups of two. Together they went – via the way Pagaya had made via Milky Dial – back to the Snow White Sea.

Shortly after, Aisa tried to escape again and jumped overboard. However, she was pulled back onto the Waver by Nami. Suddenly, the head of the Nora appeared next to the ship. Luffy, meanwhile, rebelled in the belly of the Boa, whereupon it began to rage wildly. Nami and Aisa fled into the Upper Yard to escape the Boa, Nami heading for the Giant Jack while being chased by Shandia and Divine Soldierss as they fled.

The giant boa

When they had gone up the Giant Jack and arrived on a cloud cover, they were also chased by three Divine Soldierss, but they were quickly dealt with by Wyper, Zoro, and Gan Fall. Wyper shouted to Aisa to get away from Nami and shot at the Waver, but the two were saved by Gan Fall and Pierre. Shortly after, all four were devoured by the giant boa, finding themselves in the snake’s giant stomach with lots of debris lying around. Shortly after, they encountered Luffy, who asked them what they were doing in the “Cave of Wonders”.

Reunion in the Boa Belly

After they enlightened Luffy that the snake was in an uproar about something, it turned out that Luffy was the one responsible. Nami then lashed out at him in a rage, causing the boa to writhe in pain again and the group’s stomachs to churn.

As Enel invited the remaining fighters to Shandora, the giant boa also dropped down from the cloud. At that moment, the group in the boa stomach made an attempt to escape, as they were not comfortable with the sudden weightlessness. Nami ordered Luffy to hold onto the waver. He grabbed onto Aisa, who realized too late that Luffy was holding onto the jet dial. As Nami accelerated, the two were flung back into the Boa’s stomach. Thus, only Nami, Gan Fall, and Pierre escaped. However, Gan Fall sent his partner back to rescue Luffy and Aisa. They didn’t make it out in time, though, as the snake slammed into Shandora beforehand and was struck down by Enel a short time later.

After Enel defeated Robin, Zoro, Gan Fall and Wyper, one of the boa’s eyelids opened and Aisa scolded Luffy for trying to get out through the snake’s eye. The eyelid then closed again and they fell out of the unconscious snake’s mouth along with Pierre. Luffy discovered the unconscious Robin, Zoro, and Gan Fall. Aisa found Wyper in the crater from Enel’s attack. In the boa, her mantra hadn’t been able to work and so Aisa hadn’t caught what had happened outside. After Robin regained consciousness and told them both everything, Aisa said she could hear two voices on the island. She wanted to lead Luffy there.

The fight against Enel

Aisa arrives at the maxim

While Aisa rode Pierre, Luffy ran towards Enel. They found a tunnel carved into a mountain and ran into Enel, who had just entered the Maxime Ark with Nami. Luffy was pissed off and asked Enel what he had done to his friends. Then, as he fought Enel, Aisa worried about Luffy along with Pierre. Aisa flew after the ship with Pierre as it took off, but stayed out of the fight as she had learned not to get involved in the fight of two warriors. They continued to follow the Maxim Ark as it broke free from the cave. When Luffy fell off the ship with the gold orb, Pierre and Aisa went to help, whereupon they were spotted by Enel, who threw El Thor at them.

Aisa was protected by Pierre during the attack and was unharmed, but Pierre caught the attack. Luffy decided to return to Robin, and while Luffy went through Shandora with the gold ball and broke some things, Aisa dragged the unconscious Pierre behind her by the beak. She shouted to Luffy not to destroy their home. They did not find Robin and the others where they had left them, and decided to climb up Giant Jack. When they spotted Robin on a cloud above Shandora, Luffy threw Pierre and Aisa to her and asked her to take care of them while he stormed up Giant Jack to engage Enel in battle. While Luffy and Nami stormed the tendril to confront Enel, Aisa was at the bottom of the tendril along with the rest of the Straw Hats, Wyper, and Gan Fall. While Enel sent his lightning bolts across the Upper Yard, the entire group moved to a nearby forest edge. Aisa was still standing outside the forest when Laki came out after Enel’s defeat and handed her back her bag of Vearth.

Life after the war

Aisa in the Cover Story

In the evening she celebrated together with everyone else at the huge party.

After the Straw Hat Pirates fled, Laki sat behind Aisa and cut her hair, telling Aisa to grow her hair long now that they wouldn’t have to fight.

In a cover story, Aisa was walking on Earth with Laki, Conis, and Nora for a picnic. Aisa was wearing sandals, although she had usually gone without shoes. In addition, she had on a different dress that looked a little more girly, and she was wearing a necklace. The bag she had collected her Vearth in she carried on her back. She no longer wore her cap, and her hair, which had grown a little longer, was held up by barrettes.

Later, you see her again in a cover story, selling balloon-like ball clouds to the kids in rubber band land. You can see that she has aged considerably. Her hair is now tied up in two braids.


  • Aisa is a type of bird called a Mergus. (A slightly larger species of duck.) Names from ornithology are a typical feature of Oda when naming his characters, and Aisa is no exception.
  • Her favorite food is candy clouds.


  • While Aisa first appears in the manga when she jumps through the cloud to reach Shandia Village, she first appears in the anime when she collects Vearth and flees from Robin, Nami, and Zoro.
  • In the anime, when they were just swallowed by the boa, Aisa wants to go after Gan Fall in her stomach, but is held back by Nami.
  • After the snake calmed down from Nami’s beating attack on Luffy, Aisa Gan grabbed Fort’s spear and tried to go after him again, but Luffy stopped her.

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