Ahiru of One Piece

Ahiru is a member of the Revolutionary Army, and within it, the vice-commander (Jap. 副隊長, Fuku Taichō) of the Army of the East under Belo Betty.


Ahiru is an average sized woman with tanned skin tone and long brunette hair. On her head she wears goggles and her left arm is a mechanical prosthetic. Over her black shirt she wears a green jacket and a red tie.


Ahiru was present at Belo Betty’s side in the kingdom of Kamabakka on Momoiro Island when Koala and Belo Betty talked about the upcoming Levely. At the same time, the infiltration of Mary Geoises by Sabo and other revolutionaries began.


  • Her name was not mentioned until the SBS to Volume 93.
  • As with many female characters, Ahiru’s name is a reference to a bird. Ahiru (あひる) means “duck”.

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