Agyo of One Piece

Fighting Lion Agyo, is a lion who fought gladiators in the Corrida Colosseum on Dress Rosa. He is said to have killed several people in the coliseum.


Agyo has the appearance of a typical lion. He has a wild mane and long sharp fangs. He also has dark eyes.


Not much is known about his personality, but it can be inferred that as a lion he has a fierce and bloodthirsty nature.

Skills and strength

As a participant in the Fire Fruit Tournament, he must be extremely strong. Thus, he is said to be a famous boxer within the Corrida Colosseum. As a lion, he probably also uses his claws and teeth as weapons.


Agyo was scheduled to compete in Doflamingo’s tournament for Ace’s Fire Fruit to cut down the numbers. He fought in the D-Block against Cavendish, Orlumbus, Meadows, Mummy, Rebecca, Damask, Rolling Logan, Acilia, Suleiman as well as 128 other fighters. During the fights Agyo was defeated, without much problems, by Orlumbus, who only used a whip and his fists against the lion.

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