Adelle Bascúd of One Piece

This article contains information unique to One Piece – The Dead End Adventure (2003).

Adelle Bascúd is the sister of the famous bounty hunter Shuraiya Bascúd. She is usually called Anaguma.


On Gasbad’s ship

When Adelle was still working for Gasparde as Biera’s assistant on the Salamander, the rest of the crew mistook her for a boy. Not least her appearance at that time contributed to it. Her long hair was covered by a cap and she wore a blue shirt under brown dungarees that had been blended several times. The girl also wore brown workers’ shoes.

Later at the Straw Hat Pirates she got an old dress of Nami’s. This one was yellow and had some different sized blue dots in the upper area.


Adelle feels very attached to Biera, as he was her only caregiver from an early age. For him, she even accepted a murder of a pirate and even wanted to attack Gasparde for Biera’s medicine. Moreover, when she met Shuraiya again, she was ready to make the first move.


The two must flee

Eight years ago, Gasparde and his gang attacked the Bascúd family’s home village. The entire family was killed, only Shuraiya and his sister escaped. Since he lost sight of her, he lived for years believing that she too was dead.

However, she was found during the attack by Biera, who was tending to the cauldrons on a naval ship, and brought aboard the ship. He tended her as best he could. Shortly after, men from Gasbad’s gang appeared to take over the navy ship. After the takeover, Biera continued to work in the boiler room and now had an assistant, Adelle. This one everyone else thought was a boy.


Reunion with Shuraiya

The two see each other again after a long time, but neither makes the first move

When Gasparde returned to his ship the night before the race, he was met by Anaguma, who urgently needed medicine for Biera. Gasparde agreed on the condition that Anaguma shoot a pirate. She got a pistol from him and went on her way. The race had already begun the next day when Zoro spotted Adelle in the bathroom of the Going Merry. She tried to shoot at him, however Zoro dodged and knocked Adelle unconscious.

After she woke up, she tried to shoot Luffy after a brief conversation with the crew, but failed thanks to his gum-gum powers. That same day, the Straw Hats realized that Adelle was a girl and not a boy as they had mistakenly assumed.

A fact Chopper had long been aware of. Later, when Gasparde was defeated by Luffy, Shuraiya and Biera also came aboard the The Going Merry. The latter was overjoyed that someone from his family was alive after all. Before Partia, Adelle, Biera, and Shuraiya finally said goodbye to the Straw Hat Pirates.


  • Anaguma means badger.

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