Absalom of One Piece

Absalom “of the Graveyard was commander of the Moria Pirates. He was also one of the “4 Mysterious” who lived on the largest ship in the world, the Thriller Bark. He then worked as a freelance journalist under the pseudonym “Absa” until he was killed by the Blackbeard Pirates.


Absalom was a taller man with long blond hair. His own jaw was replaced with that of a zombie lion (though there is no confirmation that the lion in turn received Absalom’s jaw). Furthermore, other areas of his body were also fitted with animal parts. For example, his skin was made of compressed elephant skin and his muscles were reinforced with those of gorillas and bears. He believed that he was made of the best that the animal world had to offer. The numerous surgeries also left him with many scars. Still, he was generally pretty well trained. According to Luffy, his voice sounded a lot like that of a beast/predator, and his appearance reflected that. On his head he wore a tall, white turban with a blue cross; along with a long, black, billowing cloak, a white collared shirt, blue pants, and black boots.


Absalom loves woman

Like Sanji, the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates, women were Absalom’s favorite pastime. His devil fruit made it easy for him to molest them – without being noticed – whether by ogling naked women in bathrooms or licking their bodies. Because of this indecent, even perverted quality, he was often referred to as “Pervalom” or“Erosalom“. In the course of the fight with the Cook he called him a little horny goat, although he is not a bit better in this respect.

Further Absalom was the dream man of the zombie boar Lola, who tried with all means to force him to a marriage. He had his dear trouble to prevent this, because his heart belonged to the beauty Nami, which he in turn wanted to have at any price as a wife – in vain. After the defeat against the straw hats he was again in search of a suitable (living) bride.

Moreover, Absalom showed little respect for his zombie soldiers. Thus, in the case of the rebellious Inupe or the annoying Lola, he did not shy away from using his hidden bazookas against them. Only Kumashi seemed to like him, for reasons that were not clear, as he felt sorry for him when he was given a telling off by Perona.

Skills & Strength

As commander of the Moria Pirates, Absalom was in charge of all the graveyard zombies and zombie generals. He could summon them from their graves, should their fighting strength be required. Consequently, Perona’s animal zombies were not subordinate to him, but due to his “mysterious” powers, they respected him anyway and followed his instructions.

The modified upper body

Almost the entire body of Absalom was operated on and strengthened by Dr. Hogback. Thus he possessed not only a lion’s jaw, but also partly the skin of an elephant, as well as the compressed muscular strength of bears and gorillas. Because of this literally “animal body” alone, it should be impossible for a normal human to defeat him, as no one could hit his approximately 300 kg body without breaking their own bones. It was all the more amazing to him when Sanji was able to kick him through the air with ease.

You make yourself invisible, and anything that comes in contact with your body..,
you can also disappear from sight. That is your ability!
– Sanji on the invisibility fruit.
Absalom disappears with Nami

The crowning glory of his abilities, however, was his devilish power, which he had obtained through the invisibility fruit (jap. Suke Suke no Mi). It allowed him to make his body and everything that had contact with him invisible. This allowed him to attach two invisible bazookas to his arms to surprise others in battle. Even to many members of Gecko Moria’s gang, his ability to make things suddenly explode was uncanny, though it was really only the invisible projectiles that were to blame. His devilish powers also helped him in his work as a freelance journalist, allowing him to get information unnoticed that was inaccessible to others.

The fact that he could make himself invisible, however, did not mean that he was unassailable. Using a trick, Sanji (throwing grains of salt in the area) was able to spot Absalom’s position, preempt attacks and apply kicks in his turn, resulting in defeat for the invisible man.


Absalom came from a poor background and was very weak and lanky in his youth. By the time Moria met and gained Dr. Hogback as a member, Absalom was already under his master’s care. Over the years, Hogback subsequently made several modifications to him.

Five years before the Straw Hats reached Thriller Bark, his zombie subordinates told him of a terrible warrior who had already taken out many zombie soldiers and was searching for his shadow. This was Brook, but he was defeated by the zombie Ryuma, who possessed Brook’s shadow.


Invisible guest on the Thousand Sunny

The pirates are being harassed

Absalom made his first appearance as an invisible visitor on the Thousand Sunny, the ship of the Straw Hat Pirates, after it had passed through the “mouth gate” of the Thriller Bark. Here he caused all sorts of confusion. For example, he threw out the anchor, pulled apart Luffy’s rubber cheeks, played around with Zoro’s swords, held Sanji down when he tried to jump off the ship, and licked Nico Robin’s torso. During the latter, Luffy noticed him, or rather his voice, as he grew like a beast.

There’s something wrong…
There’s someone else on deck…
Or something!
– The Straw Hats puzzle over the strange happenings on their ship.

In the bathroom with Nami

Naked Nami In Distress

When he next appeared, he was – again invisibly – in the bathroom of Hogback’s castle, where Nami was taking a bath to recover from her experiences in the thriller graveyard. Since Usopp and Chopper were standing guard outside the door, Absalom must have either already been waiting in the bathroom or had come in through the window. While the two male straw hats didn’t suspect anything bad, the naked Nami noticed that someone was still in the bathroom.

She didn’t get a chance to scream for help, however, as she was pressed against a stone wall by Absalom in the very next moment. The Invisible Man decided to make Nami his bride, since her weakness and helplessness made him like her even better than Robin, whom he had licked on the Thousand Sunny. Luckily for her, however, Usopp and Chopper burst through the door. With this distraction, Nami was able to kick Absalom in his privates and inform her colleagues of the unseen peeping tom. Absalom was now getting too dicey, so he quickly fled through the window, which was destroyed seconds later by Usopp’s powder bullet.

Deployment of the zombie generals

Absalom in his graveyard

After the bathroom incident, he met Dr. Hogback and one of Perona’s ghosts outside the castle, who told him about the gang’s high bounties.

Around midnight, Absalom was first seen visibly. Arriving at the Thriller Cemetery, he found his defeated zombies and made it clear to them that they were already dead and therefore invincible. With a motivational speech, he breathed new confidence into his troops for the fight against the Straw Hat Pirates, who were to become victims of the Zombie Generals that night.

Those very ones were then awakened by the “Lord of the Graveyard” so that they could go into battle with the Straw Hat Pirates. He had a brief conversation with Captain John before he was once again “asked” to marry her by his permanent admirer, the zombie wild boar Lola, with all his might. Again, he had no interest, even telling her about Nami, the woman he wanted by his side in the future. Logically, she was immediately a thorn in Lola’s side, so she stormed off without hesitation to look for her – pursued by Absalom, who in turn wanted to stop Lola.

Visit to Perona’s Wonder Garden

Absalom gets rid of Inuppe…

When they arrived at Perona’s Wonder Garden, Inuppe, a zombie dog with Sanji’s shadow, was protecting Nami and her companions Usopp and Chopper from the animal zombies. So he also attacked Lola, who was trying to take Nami out with an axe.

While the two were arguing, Absalom grabbed Nami and ran off with her. However, not for long, as his dream girl sent a bolt of lightning through his body with her climatic axe. Absalom stood paralyzed, giving the trio of straw hats a chance to escape.

Instantly, Perona’s zombies wanted to give chase, but were whistled back by Absalom because his “mysterious powers” intimidated even them. Only Inuppe confronted him. He paid for this courage by being defeated by Absalom’s bazooka. Meanwhile, Nami was able to convince Lola that she was really a man named “Namizo”. With this new “information”, the boar decided to go back to doing what he did best: Pursue Absalom and propose marriage to him.

Meeting with Master Moria & Nami’s Abduction

Absalom can kidnap Nami

Finally, Absalom had to give up his search for his bride and return to the castle, where Perona and Kumashi were already waiting for him, since he couldn’t find Nami, who was hiding in Kumashi’s interior together with Usopp and Chopper, anywhere. Afterwards, he – as well as Hogback and Perona – were summoned to Gecko Moria, who was already awaiting them to harvest Luffy’s shadow under their presence. Cindry was also among those present. After Absalom learned that she had gone against Nami despite his prohibition, he became furious.

According to Cindry, however, no one would want to marry him anyway. Moria ended the argument and began the procedure from which Luffy was trying to escape. Absalom tried to stop him, but Perona beat him to it. Now Luffy’s shadow could finally be stolen, whereupon the pirates made their way to the cooling chamber. There, Master Moria implanted the shadow in the giant zombie Oars. When the latter awoke, Usopp, Chopper and Nami were so frightened that they fell out of their hiding place and had to run away from the “mysterious four of the Thriller Bark”.

As soon as Absalom caught sight of his lady love, he successfully took up the chase. First he fired Usopp and Chopper once each with his bazooka, then he grabbed Nami from behind, made her and himself invisible and disappeared in front of the other two, who were now being attacked by zombie generals.
Along the way, he delivered Nami to a zombie tailor who would dress her in a matching wedding dress and then take her down the aisle.

The Wedding – Duel with Sanji

The Invisible Man is out.

Simultaneously, as the Straw Hat Pirates decided to reclaim their shadows, Dr. Hogback was asked by Hildon if he would like to perform one of his legendary belly dances at Absalom’s wedding, which began at those moments. Hogback replied in the negative, but nevertheless, in a small chapel, the wedding between Absalom and Nami began. Zombie generals acted as spectators. Just as the zombie priest read out the Pledge of Allegiance and Absalom went in for the kiss, Oars used a giant chain to change the direction of the Thriller Bark’s travel, causing the ship to sway wildly, preventing Absalom’s lips from touching Nami’s.

In order for the ceremony to be completed, he sent the zombie generals to Oars to stop him. However, they failed after only a few seconds. When the chapel was almost completely empty, Sanji arrived there as well. Immediately, Sanji began to fight his competitor. Thanks to his prior knowledge of the Invisibility Fruit, the Straw Hat was easily able to take on the Mysterious One.

As the fight progressed, he told of their shared fates, but Absalom found the whole thing more than ridiculous. Eventually, Absalom attempted to subdue his rival with a dagger, but his attempt failed, allowing Sanji’s Extra Haché attack to slam him into a wall and defeat him.

The Bride Awakens – Nami Strikes Back

Nami takes revenge

As Oars explored the island in search of the Straw Hats, distracting Sanji who was trying to escape with Nami in his arms, the now-awakened Absalom took advantage of the moment to make himself invisible and steal Nami from Sanji’s grasp unnoticed.

Later, he would kiss his bride awake in a small, empty room behind the chapel, sealing their marriage. Unfortunately for him, the redhead awoke at that very moment. With all her strength, she tried to fight off the predatory human – unsuccessfully at first. It was only when Lola appeared armed with two swords to take revenge on “Namizo” that she was able to escape him. Absalom was less than pleased with Lola’s appearance, as she was apparently trying to kill his bride.

Secretly, it was a ploy so that her friend could escape unharmed. Incensed, Absalom fired his bazookas at the boar zombie, incapacitating her. Now Nami strode quickly towards him, but not, as he expected, to surrender to her fate, but to give Absalom her Thunder Charge: Swing Arm. Unlike the first use, this time the attack showed a much higher penetrating power, as Absalom had already exceeded his limits in the fight with Sanji: he keeled over unconscious after a short while. Nami was overjoyed and could now return to her friends.

Escape from the Thriller Bark

Three on the run

After the Samurai of the Seas and Master of the Zombies Gecko Moria was defeated by Luffy despite the use of Shadow’s Asgard, Dr. Hogback woke up the sleeping Absalom, who was startled to find Lola lying next to him. From the surgeon he learned that all the zombies were dead and that they had lost the battle with the Straw Hats. Fortunately for them, they were busy with Bartholomew Kuma.

After a while he was seen setting sail on a small dinghy of the Thriller Bark, together with Hogback and the unconscious Gecko Moria, but without the untraceable Perona. While there, he read a recent newspaper from which he learned that Portgas D. Ace had been defeated by the Neo-Samurai Blackbeard and taken to the Impel Down. His new goal was to find a new bride for himself. Hogback said he only needed a suitable corpse to help Absalom, but Absalom made it clear that he preferred a living woman.

Battle on Marine Ford

During the Battle of Marine Ford, Absalom was also present, but more of a spectator than an active participant. After the Battle of Marine Ford, when Gecko Moria was to be executed by Doflamingo on behalf of the World Government, Moria vanished into thin air, according to Flamingo, which he claimed was not part of the Shadow Fruit’s skill repertoire. In an SBS, Oda noted that Absalom may have saved his master with the help of his Invisibility Fruit.

Time as a journalist

Absalom spent the two years after the war as a freelance journalist under the pseudonym “Absa”. His reports are said to have always been very popular, as his ability allowed him to get into places where no one else could. He also spied on Kid, Hawkins and Scratchmen Apoo, among others, and thus learned of their alliance, which he immediately made known through the newspaper.

Surfacing on Pirate Island

Absalom snuck onto Pirate Island to find out more about Blackbeard’s plans. But despite his abilities, he was discovered. The gang had been eyeing him for some time due to his abilities and killed him. They then stole his devil powers and Shiryu became the next user of the Invisibility Fruit.
When Moria didn’t hear from Absalom for a while, he launched an invasion on the island with his zombie army, demanding that Absalom be released. However, he was attacked by Shiryu, who demonstrated his new abilities. Meanwhile, Catharina Devon confirmed that Absalom was dead and said that Moria could have his body if he wanted.


Absalom as a child
  • Information on Absalom’s naming
  • Like many characters from One Piece, Absalom had a distinctive laugh.
  • In general, like the rest of the creatures and creatures of Thriller Bark, he was very reminiscent of the creatures of Frankenstein (disambiguation).
  • Absalom name is found again in the Bible. Absalom was one of the sons of King David and a half-brother of Solomon.
  • Absalom is the Swedish name for Axel; it means “father of peace.”
  • In the SBS to Volume 66, Absalom is seen as a child.
  • In the movie One Piece Gold, Absalom makes a brief cameo appearance, starting around minute 57.
  • His favorite food was zebra maruyaki.

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