Abi of One Piece

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The girl Abi lives in Water 7 and has been searching for her missing Yagara Aobire for a long time.


Abi is a little girl with short brown hair and has a braid on both sides. She wears a red short t-shirt and yellow shorts. On her feet she wears sandals. To sleep she puts on a pink t-shirt.


Abi has a strong will, you can tell by the fact that she didn’t give up looking for her Yagara, for example, even though the housemates claimed he was already dead. So she turned to Luffy and even offered him all her savings. Likewise, she has a fun-loving character.


Abi Ties A Blue Scarf Around Aobire

She often played with her Yagara Aobire as a small child. The two seemed to get along happily. Happy days passed like that. Abi later tied a blue scarf around Aobire. But one day she overheard a conversation between her parents. Her father said that Aobire was actually very weak. This year’s Aqua Laguna would be stronger than ever. In response, Abi didn’t want to leave Aobire behind like she did every year. However, Aobire was left behind anyway and had disappeared since that day.


Abi to Luffy

Luffy and Chopper were strolling through Water 7. People were thanking them for the previous day’s party. In the middle of the crowd, Abi crawled out and demanded that Luffy and Chopper help her find her missing Yagara. People discouraged Luffy from helping her and told Abi she could look in Tsui Village, the place Yagaras go according to a legend, when they know they will die soon. Abi was infuriated by this and even offered Luffy her entire life savings, which was kept in a Yagara money box. Luffy agreed and went off with Chopper and Abi to find them. Riding a Yagara, they first went to the top of Water 7. From up there, they searched unsuccessfully for Aobire.

Abi Finds A Baby Yagara

Once back down, they ran into Nami and Robin. Luffy asked Robin if she could use her devil powers to find the Yagara, but to no avail. They questioned other acquaintances in Water 7, but with the same result. Chopper talked to another Yagara, from whom he learned that he had heard Aobire’s voice. Suddenly, a shred of the scarf Abi had given Aobire washed up, and other shreds also followed from a nearby opening to an underground tunnel. Luffy, Chopper and Abi took the Yagara into the tunnel to search further. There was no water inside the tunnel, so they had to continue searching without the Yagara. While doing so, they came across a ruined city. Abi explained that in Water 7, the new buildings were simply built over the old ones. Abi saw a green light at the end of the corridor, which shone on Aobire. She ran to Aobire, Luffy and Chopper followed her, whereupon they stepped on a puddle, which was not a puddle, causing them to sink into the water.

Gradually they lost consciousness. When they regained consciousness, they were again lying in the ruins. However, Chopper thought that this was Tsui Village. Again the green light appeared with Aobire. Abi wanted to go home together with him, but he told her through Chopper as translator that he had found his peace. Abi found a crying, weakened baby Yagara wrapped in Aobire’s scarf shortly after. Aobire had left the house during the Aqua Laguna, noticing a baby Yagara that had almost been swept away by the Aqua Laguna. He rescued it and gave it his scarf. Aobire had lured them to that place for Abi to find the baby and take care of it. Finally, Abi was overjoyed to have a new Yagara and wanted to give Luffy her savings as promised, but he refused, saying that Abi had to take care of the baby after all.


  • Abi can’t swim, which is very strange since she lives in the city of water.

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